SBTech is now partnering with BetGames.TV and Pin Projekt to provide gaming outside of sports betting.

  • SBTech is offering card and dice games thanks to their new partnership with BetGames.TV.
  • Lottery services are now available through SBTech as well thanks to Pin Projekt.
  • Offering more gaming options will help SBTech while no sports are being played.

LONDON – SBTech announced on Tuesday that they are partnering with BetGames.TV and Pin Projeckt to offer new gaming options for their customers.

SBTech is one of the bigger sports betting providers in the United States. Oregon sports betting is powered through SBTech. Other states also use SBTech for their sportsbook operations. But due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, there is not much sports betting action happening.

Partnering With BetGames.TV

This is part of the reason why SBTech now has a partnership with BetGames.TV. Through this partnership, SBTech clients can now access games provided by BetGames.TV. These include card games and dice games. This gives SBTech clients more options to choose from outside of legal sports betting.

“BetGames.TV is a pioneer in the field of live dealer games and its diverse offering appeals to a wide range of player demographics. This latest integration marks an invaluable addition to the SBTech platform,” said Letizia Angelo, commercial partnerships director for SBTech.

Pin Projeckt Brings New Lottery Services

On top of dice and card games, SBTech is now also providing lottery services as well. This is due to their new partnership with Pin Projekt, a lottery service provider.

The partnership allows SBTech to offer services that include over 2,000 daily draws for various lottery games. The lottery service is going to be available 24/7 and is accessible through both computers and mobile devices.

Now that SBTech has new gaming partners, they can provide more gaming services outside of sports betting. The timing for these partnerships is perfect. Unfortunately, there is no timetable to when the coronavirus pandemic will pass and sports will resume regular play. There is also the fact that SBTech was recently hacked and stands to lose millions of dollars.

Despite all that, SBTech has found new gaming partners and stands to gain a revenue stream outside of sports betting. This will likely help SBTech outlast the coronavirus pandemic and make up for loss funds due to the hacking issues.

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