AC Milan is the favorite to beat Bologna at -189 odds. AC Milan is only one of several notable favorites in today's soccer betting slate.

  • Burnley is favored over Norwich City with +124 odds.
  • AC Milan is the heavy favorite over Bologna with -189 odds.
  • Los Angeles FC is favored over the LA Galaxy with -139 odds.

LOS ANGELES—There is plenty of soccer action taking place today across the board. There are games going on in Serie A, English Premier League, and Major League Soccer. There are different betting odds for each of these leagues that bettors should consider taking advantage of.

Legal sports betting sites have Los Angeles FC as the favorite with -139 odds while the LA Galaxy are at +295. There are also +310 odds of there being a draw. These two have faced off three times before as they have each won one game apiece and had a draw occur in the other.

So far in the MLS is Back tournament, neither team has been able to secure a win. LAFC had a draw in their only game while the Galaxy had a loss. The bigger win in their three games against each other did come at a 5-1 final score with LAFC on top.

With that being said, bettors should be taking LAFC here on the moneyline.

When looking at the spread, there is a 0.5, 1 point spread in favor of LAFC at -111 while on the Galaxy side it is at -109. In their three previous games, the spread has only been beaten once.

In LAFC’s past 10 games, however, they have beaten the spread four times while in the Galaxy’s past 10 games they have only beaten the spread twice. Knowing that, bettors can take the slight underdog here and bet against the spread.

As for the over/under for total points it is set at 3, 3.5 with the under favored at -117 and the over at -103. LAFC has been able to hit the over in six of their last ten games while the Galaxy have gone over just two times.

However, in their last three games against each other, they have gone over every time. Those betting on soccer this weekend should not overlook these odds.

English Premier League: Norwich City Vs. Burnley

Norwich City and Burnley will be the only English Premier League game going on today. Burnley is favored at +124 odds while Norwich City is at +198. There are also +235 odds at their being a draw.

The two have played twice before in which they split the wins but do not let that fool you as Norwich City has been horrendous in their last ten games having gone 1-9 while Burnley has gone 4-1-5.

Norwich City’s last ten games alone should make your decision even easier to make as they will most likely give up their tenth game in a row. Bettors should be taking Burnley here with no fear.

As for the spread, it is set at a PK, 0.5 with both sides of the spread at -110.

In their last ten games though, Norwich has not even come close to beating the spread or getting a draw. As for Burnley, they have beaten the spread four times and have had a draw five times. Bettors should be taking Burnley’s side of the spread with no questions asked.

The over/under for total points in the game is set at 2, 2.5 with the over favored at -121 and the under at +101. In their last ten games, Norwich City has gone over the total four times while Burnley has hit the over just two times.

In the last two meetings between the two, the over was hit just once. With that being said, bettors can take the risk here, take the under, and take the nice payout that would come with it.

Serie A: AC Milan Vs. Bologna

Milan and Bologna will finish off Serie A action for the day. Milan is the heavy favorite here with -189 odds while Bologna is at +500 and also +300 odds for a draw. Both of these clubs have faced off just once before and it was AC Milan who had the upper hand with a 3-2 victory.

Milan also has the better record here in Serie A with a 15-8-10 record while Bologna has an 11-10-12 record. Milan has also been on a slight hot streak in their last 10 as they have gone 5-1-4 while Bologna has gone an unimpressive 2-4-4.

Taking that into consideration, bettors will come into some easy money taking Milan.

Taking a look at the spread it is set at 1 point in favor of Milan at -116 while the Bologna side is at -104. When they faced before the spread was a push, but being that Milan has the somewhat hot hand right now, they have beaten the spread four times in their previous 10 games and have pushed once.

Bologna, on the other hand, has only beat the spread three times and has pushed once also. Bettors should be taking Milan to beat the spread here easily.

Looking at the over/under for total points, it is set at 3 and the over is favored at -114 points while the under is at -106.

Milan has gone over five times in their last ten games and had pushed the over once while Bologna has gone over just once and pushed four times in their last ten. In their lone meeting, both teams hit the over as well. Bettors can expect Milan to carry this game over three points.

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