Sports betting kiosks will open throughout Montana this spring.

  • The Montana Lottery Commission has come to an agreement on the rules and regulations for Sports Bet Montana and can move forward with a launch.
  • Montana officially legalized sports betting in May of 2019 but had not yet made it available to the public.
  • Over $5 million is estimated to be seen in annual revenue from the sports betting market in the Treasure State.

HELENA, Mont. – The rules and regulations have been finalized by the Montana Lottery Commission for Sports Bet Montana to launch beginning March 9.

This will be a slow-moving rollout to the public as a lot of ground needs to be covered statewide. Sports betting in Montana will have various locations that need to be equipped with the proper terminals for bettors to place their wagers.

The Breakdown Of What’s Been Approved

Seven different types of wagers have been given the green light to be taken at any one of the sports betting terminals or internet platforms. These bets include moneyline bets, the over/under, live in-game betting, prop betting, betting the spread, future bets, and parlays. All of the most popular types of wagers were approved by the commission.

The sporting events that are available for betting are both professional and collegiate. Football, soccer, hockey, basketball, tennis, baseball, golf, motorsports, and boxing/MMA fighting will all be open for wagers to be placed.

The first step to kick off gambling on sports in the state is having the kiosks or betting terminals launch at retail locations. Bets placed at the terminals have a cap of $250.

When the mobile application becomes available the wager cap is set at $1000. Payouts cannot exceed $100,000 on any one bet placed. If a sports bettor tries to make a bet where the payout would exceed $100,000, they will be unable to place the wager.

There are over 120 facilities that have been licensed to offer sports betting peppered through the Treasure State. This is why the launch will be a slow-moving one.

Terminals will need to be delivered to the locations by the Montana Lottery and then training by employees will need to take place to learn how to work the machines. Once an establishment has both the kiosks and training done, they can officially offer sports betting to its customers.

After each location has been properly equipped and trained, the Montana Lottery will open a Sports Bet Montana internet site. The website will serve as a guide to residents of Montana on how to work the mobile application.

Once the site is up and running, the app should be available for download and sign up by sports bettors. Everything that is offered at retail locations will be available through the app with the one difference lying in the cap for bets.

Almost a year after becoming legal, Montana will finally see legal sports betting. The first locations will have a launch of March 9 and other facilities will follow as quickly as possible.

This means that the people of Montana will be able to wager on March Madness. It’s actually the perfect time for Sports Bet Montana to roll out for sports enthusiasts statewide.

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