A new app called Vig It combines sports betting and social media.

  • Vig It, a new sports betting app out of Philadelphia hopes to combine sports betting with social media features.
  • The app allows for bettors to comment, wager with their friends, and go head to head against other sports bettors using the app.
  • Vig It creators compare the social networking features of their app to the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

PHILADELPHIA – There is a new sports betting app coming out of Philadelphia that promises to combine the sports betting experience with social networking features.

Vig It is the first sports betting app that allows you to make friends, place bets, and go head to head with other online sports bettors all while using the app. Sports bettors will be able to see trends, post articles, and discuss betting lines with others on Vig It.

Vig It is joining a long list of sports betting mobile apps but with its social networking features, they may be able to stand out in the crowd.

Sportsbook Meets Friend List

Vig It cocreator Andrew Wolfington has been making the rounds in Philadelphia to promote the new app. Wolfington has been expressing his excitement for the app as well as his belief in The City of Brotherly Love becoming the epicenter of sports betting.

“We truly believe Philly is poised to take over as the gaming capital of the United States,” said Wolfington, “’Vig It’ is the first sports betting social network designed for today’s modern sports fan.”

Wolfington believes that Vig It will stand out as a sports betting app with their social media features. No other app currently available focuses on the social element of sports betting.

The addition of social features will allow for a more engaging legal sports betting experience. Vig It hopes that being able to comment and have discussions with other sports bettors would lead to better bets and better analytical understanding.

The app has also been compared to the likes of Kayak and Expedia. The algorithms in the app will display to sports bettors different betting lines surrounding games that they post their interest in.

“If you’re sitting there and you’re betting on the Eagles/Giants game,” said Wolfington, “and you say, ‘Hey I want to take the Eagles,’ our algorithm will give you the different lines.”

The app also keeps records of everyone. Patrons will be able to follow others and see their success rates. This is useful for determining if they want to follow in the user’s footsteps or avoid them. This has the potential for normal sports bettors to become famous sports bettors.

The goal of Vig It is to be more than just a betting app, but a fully encompassing sports betting experience.

“The ability to follow your friends, the ablity to post articles, podcast videos, follow industry insiders just like you would on Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter,” said Wolfington. “Endless feeds that are populated with betting trends, analytics.”

Vig It is already available for free download on iOS with plans for Android and the browser functionality coming soon.

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