With elections happening across the United States, Colorado and New Hampshire voters will decide whether or not to legalize sports betting.

  • Voters in Colorado will be deciding whether or not to legalize land-based sportsbooks in three towns as well as statewide online sports betting apps.
  • New Hampshire voters in nine cities will choose whether or not to allow retail sportsbooks to be built in their city.
  • Even if voters in NH decide not to approve a retail sportsbook in their city, online sports betting will still be available.

DENVER – On Tuesday, voters in the Centennial State will decide whether or not they want to see land-based sportsbooks and mobile sports betting apps in CO. Simultaneously, voters in NH will have a say in whether or not they want retail sports betting shops operating in their city.

However, the stakes are much higher in Colorado. For voters in New Hampshire, online and mobile sports betting will be available no matter if voters approve retail sportsbooks or not. In Colorado, it’s either both forms of sports wagering or neither.

Although, judging by a poll conducted by the University of Colorado Boulder, CO voters seem likely to allow sports betting in their state.

“We expect proposition DD to win handily,” said Anand Sokhey, director of the American Political Research lab at CU Boulder. “Sixty-two percent of Colorado voters favor the measure, and the proposition garners big majorities among Democrats (71%) and independents (64%), and approaches a majority among Republicans (48%).”

The tax revenue generated by sports betting in CO will go directly to the Colorado Water Plan, which is currently severely underfunded.

While this is something that many folks can get behind, voters will still have to get past the somewhat confusing language on the ballot.

In New Hampshire, the ballot question reads a bit clearer. According to Concord Monitor, voters in Concord will simply have to answer yes or no to the question, “Shall we allow the operation of sportsbook retail locations within the city?”

The city of Franklin already approved retail sportsbooks last month through their local vote. In addition to Concord, eight other cities will have their voters answer a similar question on Tuesday. Some of those other cities include Manchester, Dover, and Nashua.

If voters in NH are able to give the green light to retail sports betting parlors, residents can expect to place their bets before the NFL season concludes.

In Colorado, sports betting companies have already begun to make partnerships in preparation for legal sports betting in CO becoming a reality. In September, Full House Resorts agreed to allow Smarkets to operate its potential online sports betting apps.

Full House also signed a similar deal with Wynn Resorts, but everything comes down to the voter’s final say.

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