Massachusetts Senate

  • HB3993 has gained approval from most senators in Massachusetts.
  • The bill saw a 156-3 vote in July of 2021.

BOSTON – Massachusetts is one of the most storied states when it comes to sports making it a prime expansion spot for the sports betting industry. After being stuck in limbo over the last year, a bill that would regulate Massachusetts sports betting has gained approval from the majority of State Senators which could mean a light is at the end of the tunnel.

H3993 is the bill that has been teetering back and forth for the past year. It would not only allow for in-person sports betting to take place but legal online betting as well.

Although there has been plenty of uncertainty, the House did vote in favor of Massachusetts sports betting in July 2021 with a favorable vote of 156-3.

On top of that, Governor Charlie Baker has even expressed his thoughts on the bill which is in favor also as he had filed a bill for sports betting four years ago that fell through.

“Whether it’s that, or some other version, I think at this point this is a fact of life— And for people in Massachusetts – literally many do – to just drive over the border, to be able to participate in something that is another form of entertainment, I think is unfortunate,” said Baker.

Another sign that sports betting could become regulated in the Bay State is that the bill at stake gained 60% of approval from 24 senators based on a survey. It is also worth noting that there were no straight-up oppositions of sports betting.

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