Two sportsbooks in West Virginia could be returning soon after almost a year of being closed down.

  • Mardi Gras and Wheeling Island, two of the five available betting operators in West Virginia suspended sports betting in 2019.
  • The suspension was caused by a contract dispute between Miomni Gaming and Entergaming Software Solutions Limited.
  • Delaware North, owner of both Mardi Gras and Wheeling Island is looking to strike new deals with other online betting companies.

WHEELING, W. Va. – After nearly a year of suspended operations and thousands of dollars in losses, Delaware North looks to be trying to bring back sports betting at their two major gaming venues, Wheeling Island Casino and Mardi Gras Casino.

Legal sports betting was temporarily suspended at these operations due to a contractual dispute between Miomni Gaming and Entergaming Software Solutions. This dispute was caused by Entergaming claiming that Miomni was infringing upon their intellectual property where Miomni argued the contrary.

This lead to a slew of lawsuits being filed back and forth even across state lines. The unfortunate casualty of this dispute was the BetLucky app that supplied the online sportsbook to all of WV.

There is optimism today, however, with West Virginia Lottery Director John Myers claiming that Delaware North could relaunch sports betting at their two casinos “very, very soon.”

Reason For Optimism

Thanks to the legal dispute between Miomni and Entergaming, Delaware North has been losing thousands monthly paying back fans who placed wagers prior to the temporary suspension.

In December alone the two casinos lost $1,200 combined in wagering losses.

Delaware North seems ready to bring sports betting back to their operators. When speaking to members of the Lottery Commission about the situation, Meyers said “I think we have some target dates. Our understanding is it’s going to happen a lot sooner than it has been.”

Meyers continues to express that the casinos will be working with different sports betting platforms. Those platforms may possibly be DraftKings or FanDuel sportsbooks as they are already live in WV. Delaware North may also choose another popular online gaming provider.

Delaware North had to shut down sports betting operations just four months after going live. And with the booming success of sports betting in WV, it is little wonder why they want to get back on the sports betting train.

Sports Betting In WV Making Millions

Although Delaware North’s two casinos reported losses in December, WV sportsbooks took in $2.55 million in the month of December alone. Two other WV casinos, The Greenbrier resort and Hollywood Casino at Charles Town offered online sports apps in the month of December.

Sports Betting in WV has proven to be a hot commodity as residents and tourists alike have been participating in the activity. And with Super Bowl 54 fast approaching, Delaware North stands to miss out on a lot more if their two casinos don’t have sportsbooks up and running.

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