FUSE will merge theScore's information app with it's sports betting app into one.

  • The first sportsbook launched by a media company, theScore Bet app, will now be accessible with theScore app.
  • Score Media and Gaming Inc created a platform to allow for both applications to intertwine for an easier experience for users.
  • The launch of FUSE will allow users the best information in sports combined with access to wagering on the competitions all at the same time.

BOSTON – Sports betting platform theScore has launched a new technology known as FUSE which will be used to link both theScore and theScore Bet applications. theScore is a sports information platform while theScore Bet is the company’s sportsbook. The original app, without a sportsbook, was full of up to date scores, information, and sports-related data. The sportsbook was a completely different entity and the two were not interfacing properly.

Enter FUSE Technology

FUSE will allow for both applications to work together. The data offered by theScore will now have bet slips within them where users can click and be instantly directed to the sportsbook, theScore Bet to place their bets. FUSE will also allow for betting polls through public chat forums within the app where users can take that information and then click over to the sports betting application to make their wagers. In order for FUSE to work, theScore app must be set to “Bet Mode” to be able to access the crossover features.

“The launch of theScore Bet revolutionized the integration of sports betting and media, and the introduction of FUSE takes it to another level,” said John Levy, Founder and CEO of Score Media and Gaming. “We’ve created an unparalleled cross-platform media and betting experience, getting sports fans into the action faster than ever. Our goal is to continue to surpass sports fans’ expectations while leading the way for media in the sports betting industry. And with FUSE, we’re only getting started.”

The platforms will be available on all iOS devices and will allow for facial ID recognition to be used to log in to accounts to save on time. The sports betting application was created back in September as the first app created for taking sporting event wagers by a media company in the U.S. All bettors that wish to use these applications must reside in New Jersey. Pending additional state gaming laws regarding sports betting, theScore and theScore Bet could be seen in eleven other states in the future.

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