Joe Lee, head of GB&I at Paddy Power Betfair.

  • The US sports betting industry has been taking the country by storm as more and more states begin to legalize the pastime.
  • During the Betting On Sports America Conference, the idea of sportsbooks teaming up with sports organizations was discussed with Joe Lee, head of GB&I at Paddy Power Betfair.
  • The conclusion was that if partnerships were to develop, trust and integrity in the game would be maintained as well as make each business even bigger in the process.

NEW YORK – Sportsbooks and leagues partnering would allow sports to maintain their integrity in US sports betting according to Joe Lee, the head of GB&I at Paddy Power Betfair.

Lee attended the Betting On Sports America Conference where he gave his thoughts on the idea of how leagues and sportsbooks developing partnerships would greatly impact the market.

The Impact Of Partnerships According To Lee

If both sides of sports betting were to come together, the sports themselves and the bookmakers taking the bets, could make legal sports betting in the US even more lucrative.

Not only would both gain a wider fanbase but it would also allow the integrity of all sports involved to remain intact. This would also give the public a deeper trust in both the teams and the sportsbooks.

There would be no question when it comes to how a game is being played in terms of sports betting if both sides are working together. Fans will trust that athletes are performing to the best of their abilities and not throwing a game based on wagers if these partnerships exist.

“I think the relationship between the governing body of the sports themselves and the betting industry is vitally important, both from a successful standpoint for our industry but also to maintain the integrity and ensure that everybody is happy with how the industry is operating and the games that they are seeing,” said Lee.

“That’s something that’s been worked on with our betting partners and also the actual league bodies themselves. There is constant back and forth, we obviously learn from them and they learn from us.”

The NBA is one of the major American sports leagues that has decided to develop partnerships with a sports betting operation. In October, William Hill partnered as the NBA’s official sports wagering company.

More sportsbooks and leagues are beginning to develop contracts with one another which allows for a better experience when it comes to the US sports betting market. Sportsbooks will have access to more information that will be presented to those interested in wagering and leagues will gain a wider fanbase.

Lee left the conference interview giving the audience a clearer understanding of just how much these partnerships could help both individual businesses thrive. If a clear line of communication is available between both sides of the spectrum, the sports and the betting that sportsbooks provide, then only good can come from it.

The idea of partnering would certainly be a positive for all parties involved and Lee decided to bring this centerstage at the conference as the US sports betting market continues to grow.

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