SportsHub was fined by New Jersey for not having the proper licenses to operate in the state.

  • Daily Fantasy Sports betting is legal in the state of New Jersey as long as the operator is licensed.
  • Businesses that operate illegally are fined by the state, as they were given ample time to obtain the proper documentation.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – The New Jersey Fantasy Sports Act (FSA) was enacted in 2017, allowing fantasy sports businesses six months to get a legal permit to operate in the state or forego further business. After February 6, 2018, any operator of Fantasy Sports without a license would be penalized. SportsHub Games Network received a civil penalty, owing the state $30,000 in fines as stipulated within the FSA.

Never applying for the proper licensure, SportsHub Games Network was investigated by Consumer Affairs. They were fined and asked to cease operations immediately. However, after settling in court, they now have the proper permits and licenses to do business in the state.

“We are pleased that SportsHub has obtained the necessary permits to do business in New Jersey and has agreed to abide by all our laws and regulations going forward. As the fantasy sports industry continues to grow in New Jersey, we will closely monitor the activities to ensure that all operators are playing by rules,” said Paul R. Rodríguez, acting director of the Division of Consumer Affairs.

SportsHub And The FSGA

One surprising detail is that SportsHub Games Network is connected to Paul Charchian, the president of the Fantasy Sports Gaming Association (FSGA). The FSGA is supposed to be in charge of all government tasks for fantasy sports businesses, which includes making sure businesses have the proper licenses.

“New Jersey’s fantasy sports law offers fans an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the sports they love while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all who participate,” said Attorney General Gurbir Grewal. “As the settlement announced today illustrates, New Jersey enforces the laws in place to ensure transparency and protect consumers from hidden threats to their online privacy.”

Daily Fantasy Sports is very popular nationwide. A survey done in 2016 showed that 57.4 million adults have participated in the hobby. While 41% of bettors gamble on professional sports, DFS is only 1% behind with 40% of gamblers claiming they wager more on fantasy sports than typical sports betting.

Now that SportsHub Games Network is legally allowed to do business in New Jersey, they can expect plenty of revenue from the ever-growing popularity of DFS.

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