Super Bowl 56

  • Super Bowl 56 has a 4-point spread in favor of the Los Angeles Rams.
  • The Los Angeles Rams have +115 odds to cover an alternate line of -6.5.
  • The Cincinnati Bengals have an alternate line of +3.5 points with +105 odds.

LOS ANGELES – It is not hard to see why the Los Angeles Rams are going into Super Bowl 56 as 4-point favorites over the Cincinnati Bengals. This comes as the Rams have much more recent playoff experience than the Bengals have.

While betting on the spread does offer more value than the odds on the moneyline, there are also alternate spread odds that legal online sportsbooks offer even more value than the odds on the spread.

With the normal odds on the spread, standard -115 Super Bowl odds are offered on both sides which would net an $87 profit on a $100 bet.

Los Angeles Rams Alternate Line

Los Angeles Rams Alternate Spread

  • Rams -6.5 +115

Against the spread this season, the Rams haven’t struggled, however, they haven’t gotten things going either as they are 10-10 ATS up to this point. While some might think that 6.5 is too much, Los Angeles has proven that they can match up against that number on the spread.

In their 12 wins this season, they have won 10 of them by a margin of 7 points or more covering the 6.5-point spread in each of them. Looking at the profit that can be made on this alternate spread rather than the game spread, $28 more can be made as this would profit $115.

Cincinnati Bengals Alternate Line

Cincinnati Bengals Alternate Spread

  • Bengals +3.5 +105

Some might be cautious when taking a half-point away from the Bengals, but they have been one of the most consistent teams against the spread all year. Cincinnati is 13-7 ATS and has a cover margin of 4.6 points and a winning margin of 4.9 points. They are also proving doubters wrong having gone 8-3 ATS when going into a game seen as an underdog.

It is also worth noting that the Bengals have held their ground since 2015 when going into a game as a 4-point underdog. They have been in that scenario six times and have come covered in four of the six games. There is $105 profit to be made betting on the Bengals to cover 3.5 points rather than 4.

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