Rodger Goodell will decide if Vegas will get the Super Bowl.

  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed bringing the Super Bowl to Las Vegas.
  • The NFL Draft will be taking place in Las Vegas and Goodell believes this is a good start.
  • The Raiders have officially moved to Las Vegas from Oakland.

MIAMI – There is a lot to take away from the Super Bowl LIV press conference. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell addressed NFL fans at the annual event and among the topics discussed was the possibility of a future Super Bowl being hosted by Las Vegas.

With the former Oakland Raiders now officially being the Las Vegas Raiders and the NFL Draft taking place there, Sin City is becoming an NFL town.

There should be optimism going forward for a possible Las Vegas Super Bowl. An official word on the decision will come before the end of 2020.

Goodell To Make Decision Soon

Goodell just recently left Vegas, as he was in the city in preparation for the upcoming NFL Draft in April. When addressing the crowd in Miami, Goodell aired patience, as no decision on a Las Vegas Super Bowl would be made until after the Draft.

“As you know, we’ll be having the draft there, which will be a good start,” said Goodell. “As I said when I was out there, I think we should get through the draft before we focus on the Super Bowl.”

To not seem as if he was shutting the crowed down, Goodell continued “But that is coming quickly and our attempts to move to the next Super Bowl probably will be done before the end of calendar year here in ’20.”

The Future Of The NFL And Las Vegas

Las Vegas NFL fans have a lot to be excited about. Not only is the NFL Draft being held there, but the league officially moved the Raiders to the Gambling Capital of the U.S. The Raiders’ new home will be the Allegiant Stadium that is just months away from being complete.

The move to Vegas also highlights the NFL’s embrace of legal sports betting as the city is home to the biggest sportsbooks in the world. The relationship between the league and the city is sure to be a mutually beneficial one that would see both entities profit.

There is a lot of excitement on both ends, as Goodell expressed “I was just out there in the last two weeks. You could feel the excitement, you could see the excitement by the city. It’s a great facility, I’ve had a chance to go through it on several occasions over the last several months. I think it’s going to be great for the community. I think we’re going to be great for the community, and the community is going to be great for us. Las Vegas is growing and I think becoming a more diverse community than it has in the past, and we are anxious to be part of that.”

No Super Bowl Anytime Soon

Even when Goodell makes the call on bringing the Super Bowl to Vegas, Sin City won’t be able to host the event for a few years.

The NFL makes their Super Bowl decisions five years in advance, so at the earliest Vegas will have to wait until 2025 to be home to the biggest sporting event in the country.

The current line up for future Super Bowls are Tampa Bay (2021), Los Angeles (2022), Glendale (2023) and New Orleans (2024).

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