Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice

  • California Senator Kamala Harris (+110) is favored to be named the Democratic Vice-President nominee for Joe Biden.
  • The odds for Susan Rice (+475) have sharply moved closer to favorite status for the former National Security Advisor.

WASHINGTON – There are a lot of different contenders for who Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden will choose to be his Vice President. While Kamala Harris is the frontrunner, it looks like Susan Rice is edging up on the Senator of California.

Susan Rice was the National Security Advisor when former President Barack Obama was in office. With the current events going on in the nation, Biden is giving Rice his full attention as a potential VP.

Rice Over Harris? Odds Say Otherwise

Harris (+110) is still the top pick to become Biden’s running mate according to the Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee odds.

Rice (+475) comes in second behind Harris but has jumped all other names that have been thrown into the ring for consideration including Val Demings.

As the Coronavirus Pandemic continues to rock the United States, Biden feels that a candidate with the experience that Rice has when it comes to the nation’s security would be a great pick.

He has also worked with her when he served as Obama’s Vice President so they share a working history together.

It has also been said that Biden has not been too pleased with Harris’ stance on the “Defund the Police” movement as he does not back this idea.

However, Harris publicly applauded Eric Garcetti, the Mayor of Los Angeles for taking away $150,000 in funding to the LAPD.

“No, I don’t support defunding the police,” said Biden to CBS News. “I support conditioning federal aid to police based on whether or not they meet certain basic standards of decency and honorableness.”

Who Will Be Biden’s VP?

The Democratic Presidential Nominee has said that he wants a female to be his Vice President.

It’s been at the urging of the Democratic Party that the female nominee is one of color. The top three women being extensively considered for the position are Harris, Rice, and Val Demings (+575).

Rice is said to be the current favorite for Biden.

She is well versed in foreign policy and has made her feelings about not agreeing with how things have been handled under current President Donald Trump known.

While she has not held a position as an elected official, she has all of the experience that Biden is looking for with the current state of the nation.

Despite legal sportsbooks continuing to hold Senator Kamala Harris as the favorite, it would seem that could change rather quickly with how Biden feels toward Susan Rice.

He takes the opinion of former President Obama seriously and Obama is a fan of Rice.

Should Susan Rice be named the Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate, that would be a great bet for gamblers to take to see a profitable pay out.

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