The National Lacrosse League joins with MGM Resorts for their first sports betting partnership.

  • The deal is between the National Lacrosse League and MGM Resorts.
  • BetMGM will have various branding options at NLL Games.
  • The NLL will receive weekly betting lines produced by BetMGM.

PHILADELPHIA – The National Lacrosse League (NLL) struck a sports betting deal with MGM Resorts on Wednesday.

Ever since legal sports betting became prevalent in the United States, many sports leagues have gained sports betting partners. The partnership with the NLL and BetMGM will be the first time North American lacrosse is stepping into the sports betting field.

“We are so proud to welcome BetMGM as yet another world-class brand to our family of national partners,” said Nick Sakiewicz, NLL Commissioner. “The growth of our league as a sports and entertainment property and the amount of engagement we will be able to generate through this innovative partnership with MGM Resorts and Roar Digital will be very exciting and add tremendous value to avid, casual and new fans.”

Some Details Of The Deal

Though the financials between the two companies were not disclosed, some details of the partnership are available. In applicable states, more NLL bets are going to become available on the BetMGM platform. BetMGM will also produce weekly betting lines for the professional lacrosse matches.

BetMGM will also receive a couple of benefits for partnering with NLL. For now, BetMGM will be the exclusive sports betting platform for the League. That means the mobile betting platform will get various and exclusive promotional perks such as in-venue signage where BetMGM branding will be visible.

“Lacrosse is a fast-paced, high-scoring, growing sport that presents exciting sports betting opportunities. We are greatly impressed by the management and operations of the NLL as evidenced by its strong roster of team owners,” said Scott Butera, resident of interactive gaming for MGM Resorts. “The NLL is an ideal partner for BetMGM in accessing a fast-growing Lacrosse fan base.”

States with sports betting legalized often have a limited list of sports that fans can wager on. Many sportsbooks do not want to take the risk of having odds on more obscure sports and losing money on production. This partnership with BetMGM could be a sign that sportsbooks around the United States could be expanding their betting menus soon.

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