League Of Legends World Championships!

  • The League of Legends World Championships starts on Sunday.
  • The prize pool for the tournament is over $2.2 million.
  • The final two teams are G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – With the League of Legends (LoL) World Championship finals happening on Sunday, the odds boards are taking bets on who will win.

Team G2 Esports from Europe will take on FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) from China in the finals. As the odds indicate, odds boards are showing that it is a tight matchup.

The matches are to be played in a best of five format. The first to win three games will end up being the world champions. For the spread, FPX has -230 odds of covering the +1.5 spread. G2 Esports has +180 odds to cover the -1.5 spread. Odds boards are expecting this to be a tight set of matches.

G2 Esports only dropped two games during the group stage. After they made it out of the group stage, G2 Esports took down DAMWON Gaming. In the semifinals, G2 took down SK Telecom T1, the favorite to win the entire tournament in a 3-1 victory. This is despite the fact that G2 was in a disadvantaged state during the entirety of the set.

FunPlus Phoenix has also had an incredible run. This organization only established a LoL team back in 2018, making them a new and unknown team. Despite that, the team from China dismantled team after team, changing up their style of play as they go.

Because of that, legal sports betting sites have the two teams in a dead heat for who is going to win. G2 has a slight advantage with -115 odds of winning the LoL World Championships. On the other hand, FunPlus Phoenix has -110 odds of winning the finals for the LoL World Championships.

Despite that there are always other chances to bet on esports tournaments happening during the weekends, this is the biggest tournament happening this weekend. The LoL Championships will be viewed by nearly 1 million people around the world. This is why people are wanting to wager on this tournament. With a prize pool of $2.2 million and a million people watching, this is one of the biggest esports tournaments of the year.

The League of Legends World Championships will be streamed on YouTube and Twitch. The finals take place on Sunday, November 10 at 7 a.m. EST.

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