Cynthia Calvillo is favored to beat Jessica Eye outright, but she has several prop bets that are more profitable.

  • UFC Fight Night prop bets have some interesting underdog betting opportunities.
  • The headlining fight between Cynthia Calvillo and Jessica Eye has sportsbooks favoring Calvillo at -134 odds.
  • Bettors are also wagering that the Marvin Vettori vs Karl Roberson fight goes the distance.

LAS VEGAS – UFC Fight Night returns with the headlining battle being the Women’s Flyweight Bout between Jessica Eye and Cynthia Calvillo. Calvillo is the favorite to take the win tonight with bettors wagering the fight goes the distance.

However, there are other ways that Calvillo could win this fight. Odds for Calvillo to win by submission or knockout present bettors with an opportunity to seize some lucrative odds.

These prop bets could be added to make for a sizable parlay or the could be taken as stand-alone bets. When looking at each fighters’ stat sheets and looking at the odds, UFC betting enthusiasts may find hidden gems.

Underdog Prop Bets

Sports bettors will find no shortage of action for Fight Night. However, the main draw is between Jessica Eye and Cynthia Calvillo.

Although Calvillo is favored to win at -134 odds, sports bettors are betting against her to win in all the major prop bets for the fight.

Odds For Cynthia Calvillo to Win by Decision

  • No -260
  • Yes +200

When looking at both fighters’ records in this category, Eye has gotten the nod by the judges many more times than Cavillo. Eye has won 11 fights by decision whereas Cavillo only has won this way three times. Eye has had more bouts in the ring which may convolute this stat comparison.

One aspect that can’t be ignored is the percentage of which Eye wins her matches by decision. Eye has 15 total wins but a whopping 11 of them have come from decision. This means over 70% of the time she wins it’s by the blessing of the judges.

Cavillo has only won eight total UFC matches with just three of them coming by decision. Meaning this only makes up for a little under 40% of wins.

However, if Calvillo is going to win this fight she may need help. For those betting on her -134 odds to win outright, they may be tempted to parlay that bet with these +200 odds for Calvillo to win by decision.

Odds For Cynthia Calvillo to Win by Submission

  • No -350
  • Yes +275

The numbers are the opposite here for Eye. Only one of Eye’s 15 wins comes by way of submission, whereas three of Cavillo’s eight wins come by submission.

Cavillo has proven more times that her ground game is a strength that can’t be ignored.

Eye does have a slight advantage when it comes to height and weight which might help in her have more strength on the ground. But that advantage is slim. During the official weigh-in, Eye came in only a quarter-pound over 126 while Cavillo was right at 126.

Eye is also only two inches taller than Cavillo at 5’6”. But this advantage won’t make a difference here. Calvillo has proven to be a scrappy fighter and her +275 odds here simply can’t be ignored.

Odds For Cynthia Calvillo To Win By TKO or KO

  • No -2000
  • Yes +1000

Of the seven losses on Eye’s record, she has only lost by knockout once. Five of her losses have come by decision. When looking at her overall record she has proven to have a strong chin and the endurance to go the distance.

Calvillo only has two knockouts on her short stat sheet so the longshot UFC odds here make sense.

But, the simple truth is that anything is possible in this sport. One solid hit by Calvillo could make this bet come to fruition and she has the ability to do it.

Eye does have two inches more reach than Calvillo at 66”. This bodes well for her ability to keep Calvillo at a distance and keep her away from landing any hard hits. But, if the sharp money is going on Calvillo to win the match outright, then a small bet on these +1000 odds for Calvillo to win by knockout shouldn’t be out of the picture.

Legal sports betting the way sports bettors remember it is starting to come back slowly but surely. But, profitable underdog bets are in full swing, and UFC Fight Night: SASKATOON proves just that.

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