Series A betting returns to action with Torino vs. Parma and Verona vs. Cagliari. Both games present some potentially profitable odds.

  • Betting odds for Torino vs. Parma look to be lucrative no matter which team bettors choose as Torino (+125) is favored over Parma (+235).
  • Verona has -110 odds on the moneyline to beat Cagliari, making them the biggest favorite of the day.
  • The spread for both games is set at 0.5 goals, signaling that sportsbooks think all teams playing today will be quite rusty coming back from the league suspension.

LAS VEGAS – Soccer bettors are starting to find more and more options as the weeks progress. While Bundesliga was the only major soccer league back in action for a while, betting on Series A soccer has returned on Saturday.

With sportsbooks unsure of how teams will perform coming back from the break, this leaves bettors with some potentially profitable soccer odds sprinkled throughout the days matchups.

To kick off the league’s return, Torino is set to face off against Parma at 1:30 p.m. EST. After that Verona will look to have a strong showing against Cagliari at 3:45 p.m. EST.

Torino vs. Parma Betting Odds

The current odds for this matchup are practically begging to be bet on. Torino, who sit at 15th place in the Series A standings, are favored at +125 odds over Parma who have +235 odds going into the match.

It should be noted that Parma is ninth in the Series A standings, while Torino is two points away from being regulated.

On top of this, Torino was taking a free fall in terms of performance shortly before the season was suspended. In the team’s previous six games, they were outscored 19-3. The team’s home record was also at the bottom of the league, though, that shouldn’t matter now as no fans will be in attendance.

Parma, on the other hand, had been playing decent before the break. They won 4 of their last ten matches and tied two of them as well.

While Parma’s play has not been close to the top of the Series A leaderboards, it’s shocking to see them as such a big underdog against a team the was going off the rails just a few months ago.

Soccer bettors should seriously consider taking the +235 odds for Parma to beat Torino. The odds for the game to end in a tie at +220 can not be overlooked either.

Verona vs. Cagliari Betting Odds

Verona vs. Cagliari features some Series A betting odds that make a little more sense to the average sports bettors.

Verona is favored at -110 odds on the moneyline and is a -0.5 goal favorite on the spread. Cagliari comes into the match with a whopping +315 odds on the money line and a tie is set at +245 odds.

Verona comes in 8th place in the league standings with a 9-8-8 record. Cagliari is not too far behind sitting at 12th place with an 8-8-9 record.

One might be inclined to hop on Cagliari’s odds based on those facts alone, but bettors should note that Cagliari hasn’t won a Series A game in their last 11 outings. They have been able to achieve three ties, but that still shouldn’t give bettors much confidence in those odds either.

Cagliari is also coming into this match with their lead scorer, Joao Pedro, out of the rotation. The absence of midfielder Radja Nainggolan should also add to the team’s struggles.

The three-month hiatus may shake things up and Verona could be caught still shaking off rust. However, the odds for Verona look to be a safer bet and could still net bettors a hefty return.

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