Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethja

  • UFC 249 is getting major action at online sportsbooks, the most since the NFL Draft.
  • The main card between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje has sports bettors clambering.
  • Ferguson is the favorite at -170 odds to take the win.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.UFC 249 is approaching and sports bettors are taking action on the big event. Since most sporting events have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lot of attraction from sports bettors to this particular fighting event.

UFC betting is looking to be as big as the NFL Draft was last month.

The NFL draft saw a lot of betting action at online sportsbooks. This MMA event may also attract similar betting handles as it is the biggest live sporting event going on in the near future.

The highlight for UFC 249 is the lightweight interim title bout between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethja. There is a slew of prop bets surrounding this fight at well as each of the undercard fights.

Betting On UFC 249

Legal sports betting has been scarce due to the national shutdowns caused by the coronavirus. UFC 249 is looking to capitalize on the sporting drought and online sportsbooks are looking at potentially major betting handles.

The fight that will likely get the most attention is Ferguson vs. Gatheje. Right now at online sportsbooks, Ferguson has the shortest odds at -170 to win the fight.

Tony Ferguson vs. Justin Gaethje

  • Justin Gaethja +145
  • Tony Ferguson -170

What sports bettors seem to be split on is which fighter will bleed first. Both combatants have short odds to draw blood earliest with Gathje having the shortest odds at -130. Prop bets like these and others are plenty at online sportsbooks.

Tony Ferguson vs. Justin Gaethja First to Bleed

  • Justin Gaethje -130
  • Tony Ferguson -110

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, UFC president Dana White is confident that it is entirely safe to host the event. White ensures that the proper precautions have been made to ensure the least amount of risk to the fighters and staff.

“This isn’t just some crazy, this is a well thought out plan,” said White. “We’ve had very, very smart people, doctors, and people that have been involved with the UFC for a very long time working on this thing non-stop since it started. We believe that we have this thing in a place where it can be as safe as it can possibly be.”

UFC 249 starts this weekend on Saturday, May 9 at 10 p.m. EST. Online sportsbooks are already taking action on the lightweight interim title bout as well as all the other major fights on the card.

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