Indoor Football League

  • Betting on the largest underdog in the American Football League this week may prove wise when the Vegas Knight Hawks face the Frisco Fighters.
  • The Tucson Sugar Skulls’ league-worst defense means the Northern Arizona Wranglers have a great chance to cover the spread.

FRISCO, Texas – It may be the NFL offseason, but football is still in full swing in the Arena Football League. Legal online sportsbooks have made sure to provide odds on all their games, but two great matchups prove to offer too much value to ignore.

Betting The Underdog In Frisco

The Frisco Fighters are led by former Alabama starting quarterback Blake Sims, and have been dominant this season posting a 7-2 record.

Despite that dominance, the best bet for this game is on their opponent, the Vegas Knight Hawks.

Vegas Knight Hawks At Frisco Fighters

  • Vegas Knight Hawks +24.5 -115
  • Frisco Fighters -24.5 -115

The Knight Hawks are 4-6 overall but have been competitive on the road going 3-2 with a 10.8 margin of victory.

Legal sports betting sites are probably correct to have the Fighters as the favorite, but 24.5 points are too much, especially when taking each team’s net rating into account.

Team Average Score OPP Average Net Average Net Rating
Frisco Fighters 47.7 39.8 7.9 3rd
Vegas Knight Hawks 33.2 37.4 -4.2 11th

The fact that the Indoor Arena Football League only has 14 teams hurts the Knight Hawks’ case when looking at the rankings, but based on their ratings the Fighters should only be favored by about 12 points.

Battle Between Elite Offense And Defense

The Tucson Sugar Skulls are hosting the Northern Arizona Wranglers in a primetime matchup on Saturday night. This may be the game of the weekend according to Arena Football odds at Bovada.

Northern Arizona Wranglers At Tucson Sugar Skulls

  • Tucson Sugar Skulls +7.5 -115
  • Northern Arizona Wranglers -7.5 -115

The two teams have faced off twice, with each team winning once. In their most recent matchup, the league-best defense for the Wranglers held the second-highest scoring offense of the Sugar Skulls to only 21 points. That is 32.3 points lower than the Sugar Skulls average.

Tucson is a high-scoring team that is involved in a lot of shootouts, and they may be quite lucky to be 5-4. Their incredible offense scores 53.1 points per game, but their defense gives up a league worse 54 points per game which gives them a net rating of -.7 points per game.

On the other side, the Northern Arizona Wranglers are an extremely balanced squad with the second-best rating in the league at 14.7 points per game better than their opponents.

Taking Northern Arizona Wranglers and their balanced attack to cover the spread against the Tucson Sugar Skulls’ leaky defense may be a wise bet.

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