RICHMOND, Va. – Virginia is a state with no sports gambling structure. It is a state that is ripe for the picking in regards to implanting sports gambling within its borders. This is what Virginia lawmakers attempted during the start of their 2019 legislative session. The bout, like many other states pushing to bring sports gambling, proved unsuccessful.

The old saying that goes ‘there is strength in numbers’ unfortunately did not apply to this session. The sheer number of bills may be disheartening now that none have been passed into law, but for a state with no previous gaming structure, this number may be well needed to do things right.

The Bill That Almost Made It Through

During the legislative session, there were ten bills being proposed. Each of these bills involved some sort of sports gambling nature to them. Out of all these bills, there was one shining star that nearly found the light at the end of the tunnel.

The bill that survived until the 11th hour made it to the Senate and it was passed. The bill, VA SB 1126, would allow for casino gaming and sports betting throughout the state. It also stated that casinos could only be built in areas where the unemployment rate was four percent higher than the state average.

The End Of The Session

SB 1126 bill that jumped through most of its political obstacles did not get passed into law, however. The legislative session ended without any further action being taken on the bill.

For Virginia residents, this sign could prove to be very disappointing now that some other states are on their way to legalizing sports betting. Fortunately, there is still hope that sports betting could be coming to Virginia now that there is regulated sports betting in the surrounding areas.

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