Voters in Franklin New Hampshire have approved sports betting for their city.

  • Voters in Franklin have authorized sports betting for the city.
  • It is the first city in New Hampshire to do so.
  • Sportsbook operators still need to decide if Franklin is a good location.

FRANKLIN, N.H. – On Tuesday, voters in Franklin decided to authorize sports betting for the city. Franklin is the first city in New Hampshire to do so.

For New Hampshire sports betting to happen, there are a couple of steps that need to occur. The first major step is that a town or city in the state needs to hold a vote. The vote would determine whether or not a sportsbook could open in the area. That is exactly what happened in Franklin.

The question presented to the voters was “Shall we allow the operation of sportsbook retail location within the city?” The wording did raise some questions and concerns among the voters.

“A lot of people were upset by the wording of the question,” said Katie Gargano, city clerk. “They didn’t understand what it meant.”

Many people outside of the realm of legal sports betting do not understand what a sportsbook is. Some of the voters likely did not realize that a sportsbook is where you can bet on sports. Despite the confusion, voters approved the measure by a 3-2 margin. With a final vote of 527-354, Franklin now has the ability to open a sportsbook.

But that does not mean that a sportsbook will open in the city. The next step after voting is up to sportsbook operators. If a sportsbook operator decides that Franklin is a good city for a sportsbook, they will come in. There is a possibility that no sportsbooks will end up opening in Franklin.

But that would not be the end for New Hampshire sports betting. On November 5, eight more cities will vote to allow sports betting or not. If they all approve, that means there are plenty of options for sportsbook operators. Once November 5 passes, we will have a much clearer picture of New Hampshire’s sports betting future.

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