Furry and Wilder face off in one of the biggest heavyweight bouts in decades.

  • Deontay Wilder and Tyson Furry faceoff against each other in a rematch for the ages.
  • Wilder is coming in as the favorite to win, however sportsbooks show there is a lot of action being played on the underdog Fury.
  • The first time these fighters faced one another sportsbooks had wagers that would value up to $40,000 payouts.

LAS VEGAS – The biggest heavyweight fight in years is happening this weekend as Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury will battle out for the second time. The first time these combatants faced one another the fight resulted in a draw.

This time around, sports bettors are hoping for a clear winner as a lot of action is being played on both fighters. Wilder is coming into the fight as the heavy favorite, but Fury is still managing to hold his own when it comes to the handle being placed on the event.

Odds For The Fight

Current odds have Wilder as the -125 favorite to Fury’s +105 odds. Wilder is coming into the fight with a 42-0-1 record including a ridiculous 41 knockouts. Fury’s record is 29-0-1 with 20 knockouts respectively.

These odds have sports bettors spending big bucks on the fight.

Bettors aren’t just betting on the favorites either, as Fury has garnered some major action as well.

The interesting thing about the odds is that despite Wilder being the clear favorite to win the fight, he has +1000 odds to win by decision as opposed to Fury’s +155 odds.

This shows that sports bettors believe Wilder must knock Fury out in order to win as if it goes to decision Fury will take the belt.

Odds to win by decision:

  • Deontay Wilder By Decision Or Technical Decision +1000
  • Tyson Fury By Decision Or Technical Decision +155

This also indicates that there is a lot of action being played on Fury as well. Despite him being the underdog, a lot of sports bettors are taking the long odds.

This was similar to how events went during their first matchup as Ed Salmons, oddsmaker, told BetChicago that “sharp bettors are taking the plus-money Fury, who has the height and reach advantage over the older Wilder.”

Jason Simbal, Vice President of risk management at CG Technology also weighed in on why both combatants were getting action played.

“People like Wilder because he knocks people out — he’s fun to watch,” said Simbal. “Fury is such a good trash-talker, he’s like a Conor McGregor-type in terms of the trash talking, so its garnered some attention to the fight outside of the normal boxing world.”

With that fight ending in a draw, the true winners were the lucky sports bettors who were holding the betting slips on the draw as those odds were 30/1.

A Lot Of Action

The hype surrounding this rematch has garnered a large amount of attention from sports bettors. With early wagers already exceeding expectations at some sportsbooks.

It was recently announced that UK bookmaker Betfred is the official sponsor of the rematch, showing that oddsmakers are just as excited about this heavyweight matchup as the rest of the country.

Saturday night’s battle is sure to be a big one for the sport of boxing, as well as sports bettors.

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