Bitcoin rising!

  • American Airlines is favored to be the first airline to accept Bitcoin with +150 odds.
  • Ferrari the heavy favorite to be the first car brand to accept Bitcoin with -300 odds.

FORT WORTH, Tx.Cryptocurrency is becoming a more and more acceptable form of payment every day as bigger companies are starting to accept Bitcoin.

Legal sports betting sites have odds posted for both which airline and which car manufacture will be the first to accept Bitcoin as payment.

Airline Accepting Bitcoin

There are a few airlines that are already accepting Bitcoin as forms of payment. Those airlines are AirBaltic, Peach Airlines and Surf Air.

These are relatively small airlines so the fact that big-name airlines are jumping into the picture is a big deal.

Which Wil Be The First U.S. Based Airline To Accept Bitcoin?

  • American Airlines Group +150
  • United Airlines +250
  • Delta Airlines +350
  • Southwest Airlines +350

American Airlines is the favorite for a reason and that is because they were the first airline to be in real financial trouble due to the coronavirus.

There were even rumors about the company filing for bankruptcy. It makes sense that they would be the favorite as they try to recoup from their losses.

Another factor in why American Airlines is the favorite is because the company actually allows its customers to purchase gift cards for American Airlines with Bitcoin already.

The company is already steps ahead of the other airlines in terms of accepting cryptocurrency and bettors should take note of that when placing their bets.

Car Manufactures Accepting Bitcoin

The process of buying a car is never easy, customers need to go through different credit checks from both the seller and the insurance companies as well as setting up your monthly payments as well.

That can all change if and when a car brand starts to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Who Will Be The Next Major Car Manufacturer To Accept Bitcoin?

  • Ferrari -300
  • Honda +550
  • Nissan +550
  • GM +1100
  • Ford +1200

Ferrari’s entertainment odds are clearly the heavy favorite as they have been linked to using and accepting Bitcoin payments since back in 2013.

Their competitors at Lamborghini have already started accepting Bitcoin as they sold their first car with a Bitcoin payment back in 2018 when they sold a Huracan for a total of 45 Bitcoins.

It is only right that Ferrari is next in line as those that use Bitcoins are usually the ones that can afford it as the price of one Bitcoin right is sitting around $9,000.

Bettors can expect Ferrari to be the next manufacturer to accept Bitcoin as they try to open up their market even more.

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