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  • Finland has -190 odds to have Under 0.5 total medals in the 2021 Olympics.
  • Columbia’s medal count is at 6.5 with the Under being a -135 betting favorite.
  • Norway and Belgium both have their medal counts listed at 7.5.

TOKYO – The United States’ medal count is set at 110.5 for the 2021 Olympics, far above the rest of the countries. However, there are many countries that are projected to struggle throughout the event.

Of all the countries listed on legal sports betting sites, Finland has by far the lowest predicted medal count.

Finland’s odds look quite bleak not only to win a gold medal but to place on the podium at any point in the 2021 Olympics.

Finland Medal Count Odds

  • Over 0.5 +145
  • Under 0.5 -190

Finland has a projected 30 athletes competing in Tokyo, the fewest in the countries history at the Olympic Games. Finland has yet to have more than five medals since the 1984 Olympics and won just a single bronze medal in 2016 by a now-40-year-old boxer.

Their success in the Winter Olympics has not transferred over in quite some time and it seems this won’t be the year for a breakthrough either.

Columbia Next In Line

Columbia’s overall gold medal count has -120 odds on either side of 0.5 gold medals but has the Under 6.5 total medals listed as the favorite. The country is expected to have around 76 competitors.

Columbia Medal Count Odds

  • Over 6.5 -105
  • Under 6.5 -135

Columbia tallied nine medals in 2012 and eight in 2016, but have never won more than three medals in any of their other 17 trips to the Olympics. Any Olympic betting fan will need to determine whether Columbia is genuinely becoming more successful or if they’ve just had a couple of lucky years.

Norway, Belgium Both At 7.5 Medals

Norway and Belgium both have their total medal count listed at 7.5 medals and coincidentally have the same exact odds on the Over and Under. Norway will have 75 competitors while Belgium is projected to have 122 athletes competing.

Norway and Belgium Medal Count Odds

  • Over 7.5 -135
  • Under 7.5 -105

Both countries are on the downfall in terms of medal counts as Norway has landed on the podium for just eight medals over the last two Olympics games while Belgium has yet to hit this number since 1948.

It’s tough to tell whether taking the Over on either of these bets is a good choice, but due to the size of the field, Belgium may be the one to choose, if any.

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