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  • The White Sox have -115 odds to make the playoffs, while the Cardinals have -140 odds to make the playoffs in 2022.
  • The White Sox had -400 preseason odds to male the playoffs and the Cardinals had -110 odds.
  • Both the Cardinals and the White Sox made the playoffs during the 2021 season and were preseason favorites to do so.

CLEVELAND – With the MLB Playoffs kicking off in October, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago White Sox have similar odds to make the first year of the 12-team expanded postseason.

During the preseason, the Cardinals were one of the heavy favorites to make the playoffs, and a +1200 favorite to win the World Series. The Cardinals have been in the same range of odds for making the postseason from the preseason, to the current standings.

Current Odds To Make Playoffs

Team Yes No
White Sox -115 -115
Cardinals -140 +110

Preseason Playoff Odds

Team Yes No
White Sox -400 +300
Cardinals -110 -110

Odds For Making The Playoffs In The Past

In 2021, the White Sox were given -275 odds to make the playoffs, and did so with a regular-season record of 93-69, and claimed the AL Central Division.

Chicago fans witnessed the White Sox missing the playoffs from 2016 to 2019, with odds ranging from +225 to +1600 during those four preseasons.

Struggling to find a postseason spot, the Cardinals made the playoffs in 2021 with -125 odds, but it required 17 straight wins to earn a Wild Card Spot against the LA Dodgers.

The Cardinals also made it in 2019 with -140 preseason odds. However, they missed the playoffs during the three seasons before that.

Cardinals Preseason Odds To Make Playoffs 2016-2018

  • 2018 -125
  • 2017 +145
  • 2016 +120

Odds For Each Team To Win World Series

The last time they both won the world series, they both has long preseason odds. The Cardinals won it in 2011 when they were given +2500 odds, and the White Sox won it in 2005 with +2200 preseason odds.

2022 World Series Odds

Team Preseason Current
White Sox +1200 +3000
Cardinals +3000 +3000

As the Cardinals and the White Sox have three more months of regular-season games, neither team is a favorite to win the World Series, giving value to their long MLB odds.

Four of the last five World Series were won by teams with odds longer than +1000 during the preseason – just like the White Sox for the 2022 season.

Preseason World Series Odds

  • 2021 Atlanta Braves +1000
  • 2020 LA Dodgers +385
  • 2019 Washington Nationals +1600
  • 2018 Boston Red Sox +1150
  • 2017 Houston Astros +1175

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