Online sportsbooks have set the over/under for Beeple’s most expensive NFT in 2022 at $69.3 million. That's the price his EVERYDAYS project sold for in 2021.

  • Online sportsbooks have set the over/under for Beeple’s most expensive 2022 NFT at $69.3 million, the same price he sold his EVERYDAYS project for at auction in 2021.
  • While Beeple has already sold a project for $69.3 million, it was a collage of 5,000 separate artworks.
  • The record for the most expensive single-piece NFT is just under $12 million.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Have an extra $69.3 million laying around? Online sportsbooks are currently listing that number as the over/under on the most expensive Beeple NFT sold at auction in 2022.

Most Expensive NFT Sold At Auction In 2022 Created By Beeple Betting Odds

  • Under $69.3 Million -400
  • Over $69.3 Million +250

Who Is Beeple, And What Is An NFT?

Mike Winkelmann is a digital artist and animator at the forefront of the NFT movement – he operates professionally under the name “Beeple.” In February 2020, Winkelmann began selling NFTs.

NFTs, short for non-fungible tokens, are a fairly complicated and incredibly novel concept; essentially, non-fungible tokens are unique, non-interchangeable digital representations of art. These tokens allow scarcity for digital assets – which previously were vulnerable to the free exchange of the internet.

The ownership of these NFTs is verified by a blockchain, another novel and intricate concept that prevents unauthorized reproduction or dissemination.

While the intricacies of these new technologies can take months to fully comprehend, one aspect of NFTs is easily understood – their value.

Will A Beeple NFT Sell For More Than $69.3 Million In 2022?

The latter half of 2021 brought an unprecedented amount of attention to NFTs as a plethora of celebrities, artists, and media figures discussed, purchased, and even created NFTs. Many individual NFTs produced by popular or notable creators are sold for over $1 million.

The most expensive individual NFT ever sold went for a price of $69.3 million.

That record-breaking NFT – titled EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS – was a project created by Beeple. Interestingly, it was also the first-ever purely digital asset to be sold at Christie’s, the famed English auction house.

The $69.3 million price tag was also the seventh-most expensive artwork ever sold, in any medium.

While the $69.3 million price tag on Beeple’s already-sold NFT may make the Over $69.3 Million (+250) betting odds seem attractive, it actually may be the best argument for taking the under.

The EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS project, though technically just one NFT, was actually a collage of 5,000 artworks. The project, as the name suggests, entailed Winkelmann creating a piece of art every day, without fail, for 5,000 days. The collage of each individual work was what sold for the record-breaking sum.

The most expensive single-piece NFT, excluding Beeple’s collage, was CryptoPunk #7523, which sold for $11.8 million to legal sports betting operator DraftKings’ largest shareholder. Considering the fact that the record-shattering Beeple NFT was a unique circumstance that is unlikely to be replicated in 2022, the Under $69.3 Million (-400) betting odds on legal sports betting sites seem to be the way to go.

For the over to hit, Beeple would have to create a single NFT project worth more than 5,000 consecutive days of art – something that seems incredibly unlikely to happen.

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