D.C. United and Caesars Entertainment have inked a partnership.

  • D.C. United and Caesars Entertainment have just partnered in what looks to be a strategic move for a future sportsbook deal.
  • Currently, D.C. United and Audi Field will have the Caesars branding until sports betting establishments become available to the public.
  • Once the D.C. Lottery opens sports betting locations, Caesars would be the chosen sportsbook for Audi Field, home of the D.C. United organization.

WASHINGTONCaesars Entertainment has struck a deal with D.C. United that will allow for a potential sportsbook to open at Audi Field. Washington D.C. legalized sports betting in January 2019 but they have not yet launched any platforms to the public.

Under the law, both mobile and retail locations are legal for sports betting which will include stadiums like that of Audi Field.

The Partnership

The partnership is a big move on Caesars’ part to insert themselves into the sports betting market in D.C. once it launches. Not only will Audi Field be allowed to have a sportsbook within the stadium, but they are also given a two-block radius where legal sports betting operators connected to them could run business for gambling on sporting events.

Caesars already has an idea to have a few bars and restaurant locations within the two-block radius that they would be allotted to go along with the sportsbook at Audi Field.

“We are extremely excited to announce this partnership with Caesars Entertainment, who are truly best-in-class in their field,” said D.C. United Co-Chairman Jason Levien. “Partnering with Caesars provides us with a great opportunity to realize the dream of Audi Field being a year-round hub of entertainment and activity and is another strong indication that global brands continue to see value in partnering with our organization. We are truly thankful that Caesars has decided to partner with D.C. United on this landmark deal in the Washington, D.C.”

While sports betting was not mentioned in any statements that were released, it’s clear that is what this partnership is gearing up for.

D.C. has not yet released a timeline for when land-based establishments can begin sports betting operations. However, the internet and mobile platforms have been slated for a March release per the D.C. Lottery.

Until then, Caesars branding will be seen at Audi Field as well as on the jerseys of D.C. United athletes.

This is a huge step toward finally integrating gambling on sporting events within the venues themselves. Once the mobile sports betting platform has launched, D.C. can continue to work toward a retail-based sportsbook launch date and when they do, Caesars will be ready for the fans of D.C. United and the surrounding area.

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