to launch traditional sportsbook.

  • Popular Esports bookmaker is moving to launch a traditional sportsbook.
  • The operator will now offer betting lines for professional leagues alongside its esports offering.
  • There will be 40 sports titles and over 200 popular sporting events available to wager on.

BIRKIRKARA, Malta – Sports betting and esports fans will be coming together in an all-new way as popular esports bookmaker (WIN) moves to launch a traditional sportsbook.

In addition to offering lines on esports events including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and League of Legends (LOL), there will now be betting lines for 40 different professional sports titles and over 200 major sporting events.

WIN has been working for nearly a year on this launch. Since most regulated sportsbooks do not offer esports betting, WIN may have a slight edge in the ever-growing market.

The launch of the sportsbook would aim to bridge the gap between esports events and traditional sporting events.

WIN has expressed that they understand that their fan base while being invested in esports, may also have a big love of other traditional sports as well and want to produce a product where fans can get both fixes in one location.

“Even as it launches, it already features 40 sports titles and over 200 popular sporting events for both pre-match and live betting,” said Savak Limbuwala, COO. “Although we remain an esports-focused brand, we fully understand that many of our customers also enjoy more traditional sports as well. In order to deliver on our aim to provide an unrivalled user experience, we are completing our product set with traditional sports betting after having launched with esports and recently having added casino games as well.”

Betting fans will be able to find action on the LOL tournament while also wagering on the NBA Finals. The goal is to be the all-encompassing betting app for major competitions in the US.

Other legal sports betting entities in the market do not offer esports despite its strong growing popularity. If WIN sees success with this sportsbook hybrid, then that could affect the entire market.

Betting fans are able to sign up now and partake in the available action at in markets that offer the sportsbook.

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