• WWE will begin its merger with UFC’s parent company Endeavor to make a new entertainment giant worth around $21 Billion.
  • While many in the betting community believe this may forecast a potential betting market, the foundational values of the WWE complicate the idea.
  • Reports that the companies will function independently despite merging further casts doubt on the prospect of betting markets.

STAMFORD, Conn. – A reported merger between the WWE and Endeavor, UFC’s parent company offer belief this could finally lead to operators offering betting markets on wrestling.

The chances of this happening have dwindled with each new piece of news that emerges though.

While we will not know for sure until the merger finalizes, the consensus seems to be trending towards the conclusion that WWE is unlikely to see any odds on legal betting sites anytime soon.

Merger Creates Hope but WWE Foundations are Incompatible

While we will have no official word until the merger is completed later this year, it remains unlikely the sportsbooks will begin creating markets for WWE wrestling events.

This is largely for one simple reason: the WWE was built on the idea of being scripted entertainment. Without pivoting to live events, which the WWE has little reason to do, too many complications exist for a betting market to emerge.

The massive amount of people throughout management and other affiliated WWE divisions that are aware of the outcome of each fight makes insider trading a potentially huge issue. Even if the WWE cracked down on information spreading within the company that could influence oddsmakers significantly, there is also the burden of policing potential gambling infractions.

Further reports have stated that although merging, the UFC and WWE will remain separate entities with their own branches of operation. This makes it even less likely that there will be any significant changes that could lead to betting markets such as creating live events.

Thus, while UFC remains one of the top betting sports and frequently features tons of props and odds across many online sportsbooks, it does not seem like the WWE will be joining them anytime soon.

While the merger certainly bred confidence for many hopeful bettors, it is shaping up to be a big disappointment for the future of WWE betting. Perhaps there will be the possibility of crossovers between the UFC and WWE where live events can take place and feature a betting market, but for now it seems unlikely that the entertainment giant will go this route.

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