Last updated on: January 13th, 2022

Famous Sports Bettors: Gadoon “Spanky” Kyrollos Bio

Gadoon “Spanky” Kryollos is considered to be one of the original New Jersey sports bettors. He is a native to the state and he knows exactly how he can beat the lines. He has been gambling ever since he was 15 years old. In New Jersey, there was a carnival that he used to frequent. There, he discovered an illicit dice game that would take bets. He instantly became interested in the world of gambling. He had a great family for that upbringing as well. His family would often gamble and they would even bet on games of chess.

Even as a kid, Spanky was no sucker. When kids would begin to sell parlay cards at the school, instead of asking about how he could bet, he wanted in on selling the cards. He would then take that money and make bets on sports as well. At first, he was losing money at a fast rate. As he grew up and learned various things, Spanky became a legendary New Jersey sports bettor that many sportsbooks feared.

Spanky’s Sports Betting Calculations

Spanky went to college and he earned his degree in computer science. After college, Spanky started to work at Deutsche Bank. During his time there, he started sports betting in earnest and looked for any edge that he could find. Then he had an idea. He created a program that would look for middles between multiple sportsbooks so he could win as much money as possible. For example, if the Patriots had +5.5 in one book but +2.5 in another, he would bet on the Patriots at one book and against the Patriots in another. This gave him a great opportunity to win both of his bets. At first, it did not work, but after multiple victories over two years, he amassed $40,000.

Spanky has not stopped using his calculations or programming skills since then. Spanky used his calculations to create a sports betting business after he left Deutsche Bank. The business fell through after he was mistakenly arrested for bookmaking. Now, all of his calculations and formulas go into making sure his bets are sound. From reviewing the line movement to highlighting injuries or betting information, his automated systems allow him to do research as he sleeps.

No Advice On Picks

Many famous sports bettors are known for giving out their picks, for a price. People want to win their sports bets and they ask famous sports bettors who they should pick to wager on. Spanky is one of the few sports bettors who refuses to give out his picks, even for cash. Spanky believes that selling picks is an indicator that he needs supplementary money and he would retire immediately if that were to ever happen. He also fears that someone could look at his picks and reverse engineer what he does, which would influence his own bets.

Spanky’s Twitter account is constantly littered with people requesting that he gives out his picks for games. He would get people tweeting at him that some professional bettor has screwed them over by selling them bad picks. Spanky would say that looking for short cuts would obviously result in that and only hard work will get you paid. For all of these reasons, Spanky refuses to sell his picks.

Uncertain Future

Spanky is known in the sports betting world as a sharp. Sharps are the best of the best and they know how to win nearly all of their bets. Thanks to Spanky being a sharp, he can make a proper living for his family on sports betting alone. But recently, his way of life has been threatened to end. Ever since PASPA was repealed, bookmakers have flooded the market and have opened multiple sportsbooks around the country, including in New Jersey. At first, Spanky thought this was great, but he soon quickly realized that this would be detrimental to his ability to wager.

Like most businesses, bookmakers like William Hill do not want to lose any money. Some sportsbooks have taken this to an extreme extent. This means that they will not take any action from Spanky or any other number of sharps. This is obviously bad news for Spanky because without the ability to gamble, he cannot earn his living and provide for his family. Right now, Spanky is looking for a consistent online sportsbook to bet games on. At the rate he is going through, Spanky might end up being banned from every sportsbook in the world.

Spanky continues to try and earn a substantial income to support his family in an almost lurking in the background sort of way. While many sportsbooks have banned him and other sharps from placing bets on sporting events, he still has a strategy to beat the slots. He can be seen frequenting the casinos of Atlantic City with a backpack full of cash and an algorithm on his phone for how to make money at the slot machines. He tries to fly under the radar these days as to not be banned by any other facilities to gamble in general as this way of life is his main source of income.

Using Runners To Bet Large

Due to his constant winning, Gadon Kyrollos is banned from many casinos. The workaround to this, however, is Spanky using a system of “runners” to place his wagers. Runners are individuals who will place Kyrollos wagers on his behalf. They will go to the sportsbooks, place the bets that Kyrollos wants, then collect any winnings and return them to him. This is common practice not only for sports bettors who aren’t welcome but for celebrity bettors as well who wish to wager discretely. Thanks to runners, Spanky has managed to continue high stakes sports wagering all over. He has not missed a beat despite being unwelcome at several sportsbooks.

Gadoon “Spanky” Kyrollos Podcast “Be Better Bettors”

Spanky is among many in the sports betting community that has turned to podcasting as a way to get more people informed on how to go about betting on sports successfully. Unlike others, he doesn’t claim to be a tout and sell picks or really give picks at all on his podcast. He also doesn’t focus on games happening in the next couple of days or the same day. He talks more about how to find an edge while using a sportsbook as well as bankroll management. This means people can listen to an episode that aired months ago and still get useful information from it. The whole idea of the podcast is that you can pick an episode and learn from the best, whether that episode came out in 2019 or 2022.