Google now accepts sports betting advertisements in 8 states.

  • With the widespread popularity of sports betting, Google has authorized more states to advertise these services on its search engine.
  • These advertisements will come with restrictions under the new Google policy.
  • Ads for wagering on sporting events will not be exclusive solely to the state where the services are offered.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – There is now a total of eight states that are allowed to advertise sports betting services on google.

The popular search engine has now given permission to five states on top of the three already engaging in similar advertisements. The new states that will now be able to market gambling on sports include Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Nevada, New Jersey, and West Virginia have been using Google to advertise their sports betting operations since June.

The new revisions to Google’s gaming and wagering policy are what has made it possible for these newer states to use google to advertise their services. This opportunity does not come without its own restrictions. Advertisements cannot be geared to anyone under the age of 21. Internet casino games, daily fantasy sports, and all forms of betting outside that of sports wagers are prohibited. These advertisements must strictly be about operations that provide wagering on athletics.

Google is currently responsible for 37% of all online advertising, putting them in charge of over a third of the entire market. Expanding their sports betting ad business by more than half of what they originally had is an extension of the lucrative potential the company sees within the newfound popularity and legality of wagering on sporting events.

Each of the states with authorization for sports gambling ads can promote their business in other states as long as they give each state a copy of their license before doing so. They must also give states up to date contact information along with their license in case any issues arise. The limited beta program that will handle all sports betting ads will include the use of YouTube, Google Ads, Ad Mob, and Google Display Network. Anyone of these platforms can be used for sports betting advertising. Google Ad Manager is the one service where these types of ads will not be allowed.

With the help of Google, sports betting has the potential to be bigger than ever. Google is used by everyone all over the world. Not only will this broaden the audience and help make the market for wagering on sports grow further, but it will also begin the process of normalizing the activity to those states that have not yet legalized the pastime. If a company as big as Google is willing to recognize the activity of legal sports betting, it could help the argument for states trying to make it legal within their governments.

As wagering on sports continues to grow in popularity, Google can only help expand upon it. The sports betting market will now gain an even wider audience which could help in overall market growth with almost absolute certainty. Advertisements on Google show the significance that the legalization of sports betting is having nationwide and how it is becoming more of a mainstream activity for the country. By this time next year, there could be many more than the 13 states that have legalized sports betting and the acceptance by Google might be what aids in that progress.

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