• 5Dimes announces it will stop wagers from US players on September 21.
  • This stoppage is only temporary as the international sportsbook says it will relaunch better than ever.
  • The official announcement hints at 5Dimes possibly entering the regulated US market.

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica. – Popular international sportsbook 5Dimes has officially announced they will be temporarily stopping US wagering.

Within the official announcement, 5Dimes hinted at a possible domestic regulated launch. 5Dimes has been providing legal sports betting internationally for over two decades.

Sports bettors in the U.S. will be able to wager until September 21, where the last wagers will be accepted. Sports bettors should also request withdrawals by September 25th.

5Dimes US Hiatus

For 5Dimes patrons there are a few key things to know. Firstly, all wagers for events that occur after September 25th will be refunded.

Customers are advised to retrieve all of the money from there betting wallets prior to September 25th as it is the best way to assure collecting their earnings before the stoppage.

Any funds that remain in the betting account by 12 am ET September 30th will automatically be transferred to a third party claims administrator. This third party company will work to get the funds to the account holder.

5Dimes picked an interesting time to stop accepting US wagers as several major sporting leagues are ongoing at the moment.

The international sportsbook will be missing out on the remainder of the NBA playoffs betting, the upcoming NFL betting season, and the continued MLB betting regular season. This leads to the speculation that the international bookmaker is looking to enter the national market through state-sanctioned methods.

In the official statement released to its patrons, 5Dimes mentions “embarking on a new business venture” and taking advantage of the opportunity to improve the sports betting experience in the US.

The sportsbook is not shutting down operations completely, but only in the US market. This leads many patrons to believe a domestic regulated launch is imminent.

The announcement also speaks on future plans that they cannot as of yet speak on. Nothing is confirmed, however, as this is all speculation.

Legal sports betting in the US hasn’t stopped completely, however, as there are many other sportsbooks both regulated and international offering betting lines for the major sporting leagues.

Whenever 5Dimes returns, sports bettors will be ready to continue getting in on the action at the popular sportsbook.

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