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  • NBA commissioner Adam Silver has proposed a July 31st NBA season return to be held Orlando, FL.
  • With Silver’s proposal, 22 teams will finish out the season and playoffs at the Disney ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.
  • The final decision will be made at the Board of Governors Meeting on Thursday.

ORLANDO, Fla.- The long-awaited return of the NBA season may soon be approaching as NBA commissioner Adam Silver put forth a proposal to continue a shortened regular season on July 31st.

The final decision will be voted on at the Board of Governors Meeting Thursday.

The proposal is expected to be approved, and with that, the league will return to finish out the season with 22 teams all playing at the Disney ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando.

In order for the league to resume, there needs to be a three-fourths majority on the vote. The optimism comes from sources saying that the owners are 100% on board with Silver’s proposal.

Now is the best time for NBA sports bettors to start taking action on the postseason as it is looking like the league will return.

With the focus of bettors ready to turn back to the highest level of basketball, the favorites will likely become a little shorter.

Currently, the Los Angeles Lakers (+200), Milwaukee Bucks (+245), and Los Angeles Clippers (+300) are the heavy favorites.
The longshots may find themselves moving shorter as well, as the bottom team will get some betting action for those looking to hit on an NBA Finals longshot.

Before the teams vote on the matter, the Brooklyn Nets (+5000), Indiana Pacers (+8000), and New Orleans Pelicans (+10000) have the most to gain.

Because the NBA has been shut down since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many previous player injuries, team chemistry issues, or general fatigue are thrown out of the window.

How Will The NBA Play Out?

The NBA has finally given out some positive news about the leagues returning, with sources telling ESPN that the owners are backing Silver’s return proposal.

The proposal will allow 22 teams to finish out the season, which has now been reduced to 6 games before officially going into the playoffs.

All teams involved are either in a playoff spot or are within 6-games of a playoff seat. This means that the Washington Wizards, New Orleans Pelicans, Phoenix Suns, Portland Trailblazers, Sacramento Kings, and the San Antonio Spurs will all be included to travel to Orlando.

The area in Orlando is set to be isolated from the rest of the city, keeping the possibility of coronavirus exposure to a minimum.

The games will also be played with no fans and limited staff in attendance. Families of players are allowed to come.

The official voting will be on Thursday, June 4th. Legal sports betting sites will have odds for the remaining six games, as well as the teams making it into the playoffs.

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