DraftKings Being Sued By Winview

  • DraftKings is being sued on claims of patent infringement by Winview, a Toronto-based gaming company.
  • The case will take place in New Jersey where the lawsuit was filed.
  • Winview claims their geolocation and live-betting technologies were taken by DraftKings and they are seeking financial compensation for the issue.

TRENTON, N.J. – On Wednesday, sports betting conglomerate DraftKings was hit with a lawsuit filed in the District Court of New Jersey where they have been accused of patent infringement. A company out of Toronto, Engine Media, is somewhat behind the filing as it was their subsidiary business, Winview that actually filed with the courts on this matter.

What Does Winview Claim DraftKing’s Took?

In the court filings, Winview claims that DraftKings took two key pieces of technology from them in order to open up their mobile sports betting platform that has since skyrocketed to the number one sportsbook application in the nation.

Both geolocation and equalizing latency (for live betting) are cited as being what was infringed upon as far as patents are concerned by Winview. Geolocation is a huge part of the technological aspect of regulated sports betting in the United States.

DraftKings has not publicly acknowledged the lawsuit or its claims against them to any news outlet. However, courts could be in favor of DraftKings simply on the idea that they took similar technology for their platforms, while not taking the exact software ideas from Winview as there is no evidence to that effect.

What Does Winview Want?

Winview is seeking damages in the form of monetary compensation for the infringement on these two issues pertaining to 243 Patent and 543 Patent which are owned by the company.

“Winview is an important operating unit of Engine Media, providing cash games of skill as part of the viewing experience of both traditional sports and esports,” said Tom Rogers, Engine Media Executive Chairman. “In addition, Winview has a growing portfolio of 80 issued United States patents, many of which relate to mobile sports betting and online gaming technologies. We will continue assessing how we can protect our intellectual property.”

All court proceedings will take place in New Jersey, which has become the new center for sports betting in the nation. DraftKings continues to be on the rise with their sportsbooks across regulated states with sports gaming.

If this lawsuit was a bet, Winview would be the underdog in this fight and DraftKings would be the clear favorite to win this battle, just based on the grounds of the case alone and the sheer size of each company going into it. DraftKings has the muscle to back up anything thrown their way.

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