• FIFA’s main focus at the SBC Digital Summit Latinoamerica was the integrity of the sport.
  • They are trying to put an end to corruption within the competition of the sport.
  • The odds that FIFA can control these issues are slim at best but any regulation is positive.

LUQUE, Paraguay — At the SBC Digital Summit Latinoamerica, FIFA pushed for integrity amongst the sport and its players.

They want players to follow their definition of integrity to maintain the competition factor in the sport not only in South America but around the world.

During his time speaking at the digital summit, the head of Integrity for FIFA betting, Ennio Bovolenta, showed a passion for players to show ethical behavior around the world.

Tampering with soccer has been an interesting topic as it messes with the outcome of games as well as the way that players compete.

“In our experience, we’ve found cases where there’s sports and economic reasons, but both usually coexist, it can be one, the other, or both. But the end result is always the same. In other words, football’s integrity is affected,” said Bovolenta.

Legal sports betting has more than ever been involved in FIFA in the manipulation of the game.

FIFA officials are working to put an end to this with different programs. They are offering different clubs, seminars, workshops and events to not only the players but referees as well.

In these different programs, they will learn about the effect that manipulation has on FIFA.

Aside from offering different seminars and workshops, they are also looking to conduct investigations of any suspicious activity that might come up.

In order for the investigations to work, they must get cooperation from other FIFA organizations around the world.

FIFA has also been working with CONMEBOL in order to continue its fight against corruption. Working with referees in order to get them familiar with integrity laws, FIFA has helped to ensure that they are not involved with corruption in the game as well.

“FIFA has officers for each federation and confederation, which can be of help in case of an incident, by creating report mechanisms on the FIFA site, in the app and other sites in which they can report anonymously,” said Bovolenta. “We act by supervising the betting market, protecting competitions through education and training programs with empowerment plans, and with preliminary investigations and sections.”

With this being said, it is clear that FIFA is looking to put an end to game tampering once and for all.

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