Amy Coney Barrett has the shortest odds to be nominated by President Trump for the now vacant SCOTUS position.

  • People are taking action at online sportsbooks as to who the president will nominate for the U.S. Supreme Court to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
  • Amy Coney Barrett has the shortest odds at +150 to be selected by Donald Trump.
  • Barbara Lagoa has the second shortest odds at +300.

WASHINGTON – The nomination of the next Supreme Court Justice has sports bettors taking action at online sportsbooks. The seat has been vacant following the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG).

President Donald Trump hopes to fill the seat by Friday or Saturday despite pushback from Democrats to keep the seat vacant until after the election.

Amy Coney Barrett and Barbara Lagoa have the shortest odds to replace RBG, with sports bettors taking heavy action on both nominees.

SCOTUS Vacancy

The 2020 Presidential Election just had another wrench thrown into the mix and political bettors have been taking notice.

There is a lot of action being taken at online sportsbooks for who the next SCOTUS seat will go to. Trump plans to make the announcement this weekend.

Odds For Who Donald Trump Will Announce As Supreme Court Nominee

  • Amy Coney Barrett +150
  • Barbara Lagoa +300
  • Allison Jones Rushing +400
  • Bridget Bade +600
  • Amul Thapar +800
  • Paul Clement +800
  • Sarah Pitlyk +1000
  • Martha Pacold +1200
  • Noel Francisco +1500
  • Daniel Cameron +1500
  • Carlos Muniz +1500
  • Greg Katsas +2000
  • Lawrence Vandyke +2000

Trump has made it clear that he will be selecting a woman to fill the seat, which would explain why Daniel Cameron, Carlos Muniz, Greg Katsas, and Lawrence Vandyke have the longest odds.

Amy Coney Barrett having the shortest odds is no surprise as she has been the main name being thrown around by many prominent conservatives as the perfect choice. Barrett currently sits at the US court of appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago

With her strong catholic and conservative background, Barrett has become Trump’s favorite. Sports bettors are looking at Barbara Lagos as well with her having the second shortest odds.

Trump is set to have a meeting with Lagoa Friday while he is in Miami Florida. The former Florida Supreme Court judge is very popular in the Sunshine State political sphere and many republicans believe she would help sway voters in the swing state.

Allison Jones may have slightly longer odds that Lagoa and Barrett, but she is a very accomplished lawyer and has strong connections in the DC Circuit Court including Judge David Sentelle who was appointed to the Supreme Court by Trump himself.

Will The Nomination Matter Before The Election?

There is a lot of nuances that are involved in the selection for RBG’s replacement. For starters, this being an election year many American’s do not think Trump should be the one allowed to fill the vacancy.

In an official poll curated of swing-state voters, 52% of potential voters do not think that Trump should be allowed to make a nominee.

Should Trump lose the election, only 37% voted that he should still be allowed to select a nominee with 57% believing it should be saved for the incumbent president.

Despite the public’s view of things, the president is still planning to narrow his choice down to one nominee. Trump currently has a list of five names for who he thinks should fill the seat though he has not released the names to the public as of yet.

Legal sports betting on politics and the presidential election is spicing up as we get closer to November.

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