Esports betting will likely gain popularity due to the coronavirus outbreak.

  • E3 and TwitchCon have been canceled.
  • Esports tournaments and championships have been canceled as well.
  • NBA players are taking to Twitch.

LOS ANGELES — With the rapid spread of the coronavirus, esports events and gaming conventions have been canceled or postponed to help prevent the spread of the virus. These events sometimes bring in tens of thousands of gamers as well as esports betting.

Some NBA players and franchises have taken a lighter approach to their season on hiatus and have taken their talents to streaming services.

Gaming And Esports Cancelations

In the midst of big events shutting down to help prevent the coronavirus, the video game industry has taken a hit. Both the E3 gaming convention and TwitchCon have been canceled. They both bring in thousands of people to both showcase their gaming and network themselves.

Other than these conventions, big gaming tournaments have also been canceled. Games such as Pokeman, League of Legends, FIFA, Overwatch and Rocket League have all aired to the side of caution.

Pokeman had two events canceled, their European International Championships as well as their Pokeman Go Safari Zone event in St. Louis. However, two events in Liverpool, England and Philadelphia are still set to go on.

League of Legends had their Mid-Season Invitational get delayed from May to July. Their league in China has resumed but only online.

Two of FIFA’s events have been canceled as well. A Playstation Licensed Event and the FUT Champions Cup that would have taken place in Romania were both called off. They will be having online events in the coming weeks.

Overwatch League matches in China and South Korea have been canceled and postponed. An event in Washington D.C. is still slated to go on.

Rocket League has canceled its season nine World Championship event in Texas.

With all of these cancelations, there is not much legal sports betting sites can offer gamers to place their bets on. An official word on the second annual Fortnite World Cup has yet to be announced, but judging by every other major esports tournament, esports bettors and gamers shouldn’t hold their breath.

Taking A Lighter Approach

With NBA game betting on hiatus, some of its players have been taking to Twitch to live stream their gaming skills. Players like Luka Doncic, Trae Young and De’Aaron Fox have all expressed their interest in streaming the videogames that they play.

The Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks had a different approach. The two teams were scheduled to meet on March 14th in Dallas. With the league currently on suspension, the teams live-streamed their game on Twitch in an NBA 2K match.

While there weren’t any betting lines on that event to put action on, it still served as a means to satisfy hungry sports and esports fans alike.

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