BallStreet Trading

  • BallStreet is a mobile game that mimics stock market trading.
  • Players trade stocks during live sporting events.
  • BallStreet is attempting to bridge a hobby like sports to day trading.

NEW YORK – BallStreet Trading app will turn up their menu by offering by adding trading options for esports events and on politics.

BallStreet is not an average legal sports betting app. BallStreet Trading has a very specific purpose.

“We want to be that bridge between finance and sports,” said Scott San Emeterio, former financial trader. “This has to be for the casual fan, this cannot be for the professional gambler.”

The payouts prove that no professional sports bettor would attempt to touch this app. The app only offers small payouts between $2 and $5. Professional gamblers often wager in the thousands of dollars range, so they will find no stake on this app.

In a sense, BallStreet Trading is not a traditional sports betting app. Players “buy” stocks on teams. Then during the course of the game, they trade their stocks in real-time. The ones with the most stocks on the team ends up winning. In terms of sports betting, it is closer to live betting than anything else.

But it is not only sports anymore. Now the team behind this app have more offerings that include esports and political events. The reason for this was due to the coronavirus pandemic. The global pandemic had left the app with very little to offer during the early months. Adding esports and politics helped fuel the app through the summer drought.

Now that there are new categories on the app, users now have more options to try out. They can make trades and live wagers on politics and esports.

Although the app can be compared to live betting, this app is a closer representation of day trading. The act of buying and trading stock should give users a sense of what financial trading should feel like. They could possibly use the trading skills they have accumulated on actual financial markets.

Although this is not a new sports betting app, this does give sports bettors a new way to look at sports. This also gives sports bettors a new way to make money off of esports and politics. As more apps like this appear, it could also help funnel casual fans to become sports bettors.

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