(R) Eric Holcomb - (D) Roy Cooper - (R) Dan Forest

  • (R) Eric Holcomb has -2500 odds to win the 2020 Indiana Gubernatorial Election.
  • (D) Roy Cooper is heavily favored to defeat (R) Dan Forest in the North Carolina Governor’s Race.
  • There are six Gubernatorial races available to be bet on at Bovada.

RALEIGH, N.C. – The 2020 US Presidential Election has been the most talked about event in politics thus far as President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden reach the end of their Presidential Campaigns.

While the Presidential Election odds have been the main focus nationwide, many political bettors have likely turned their attention to the Gubernatorial betting odds to add even more winnings to their bets this election season.

The online sportsbook Bovada has listed the betting odds on six Gubernatorial Races that will be decided on Election Day. Below are the best options to bet on for each Governor’s race on the ballot.

Who Will Win The 2020 Indiana Gubernatorial Election in Indiana?

  • (R) Eric Holcomb -2500
  • (L) Donald Rainwater +1500
  • (D) Woody Myers +2200

Winner: (R) Eric Holcomb (-2500). The State of Indiana has not elected a Democratic Governor since 2000. Before Holcomb took office, former Vice President Mike Pence held the office which supports the trend that a Republican will remain in power in the governor’s office.

Take the -2500 odds on Holcomb to win another term as Indiana’s governor as this state has a history of electing Republicans.

Odds To Win Missouri Governor’s Election

  • (R) Mike Parson -2900
  • (D) Nicole Galloway +900

Winner: (R) Mike Parson (-2900). Missouri has flip-flopped between Democratic and Republican governors in the past two elections.

Parson’s is a heavy favorite in a state that has voted Republican in every US Presidential Election this century.

That trend will likely continue and then seep into the Governor’s race as Republican Mike Parson is heavily favored to beat Nicole Galloway for Missouri’s governor’s office.

Take the odds-on Parson and look into possibly parlaying these odds with another political betting prop.

Odds To Win Montana Gubernatorial Election

  • (R) Greg Gianforte -575
  • (D) Mike Cooney +360

Winner: (D) Mike Cooney (+360). The state of Montana has had a Democratic Governor in office since 2004 and although sportsbooks favor Greg Gianforte to win, bettors should roll the dice on Mike Cooney’s +360 odds to win this Election.

This isn’t Gianforte’s first time running for Governor of Montana and the citizens could elect to go with the current Lt. Gov Mike Cooney. Knowing the voting history of the state take the odds that Cooney pulls off the win as the return on +360 odds is well worth the risk.

Odds to Win New Hampshire Gubernatorial Election

  • (R) Chris Sununu -5000
  • (D) Dan Feltes +1100

Winner: (R) Chris Sununu (-5000). Sununu is an overwhelming favorite to win another term as Governor of New Hampshire.

He’s held the office since 2017 and despite the state voting Democratic in the last four Presidential Elections, the past two Governors of the state have been Republican.

Take the -5000 odds on Sununu to win this gubernatorial Election making this another one of the best props to possibly parlay.

Odds To Win North Carolina Governor

  • (R) Dan Forest +400
  • (D) Roy Cooper -650

Winner: (D) Roy Cooper (-650). Cooper has beaten Forest in the fundraising department for this race making this one of the easier Elections to predict.

Furthermore, a Republican has only been elected Governor of North Carolina once since 1992.

Although Trump won this state in 2016 it’s highly unlikely Forest pulls off the upset over Cooper at the polls.

Odds To Win Vermont Gubernatorial Election

  • (R) Phil Scott -3300
  • (D) David Zuckerman +950

Winner: (R) Phil Scott (-3300). Scott is heavily favored to win his re-election bid in Vermont on Election Day.

The state of Vermont has elected a Republican governor in back to back elections after a Democratic-held the office from 2010-2014.

Although Vermont is known as a blue state in the Presidential Election, Scott will likely win the election by a wide margin as Zuckerman has the experience but not so much the support of the state like Scott.

Legal sports betting sites also feature odds for state Senate races as well as hundreds of other types of election odds.

Election Day is shaping up to be a betting event rivaled only by the Super Bowl.

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