Joe Biden widens lead over Bernie Sanders after the South Carolina debate.

  • Joe Biden currently leads the field in South Carolina in polls and sportsbooks.
  • Biden has widened his lead in South Carolina after the latest Democratic debate.
  • Bernie Sanders will likely remain the front runner after South Carolina.

COLUMBIA, S.C. – After a chaotic debate on Tuesday, Joe Biden seems ready to win the South Carolina primary on Saturday.

The latest Democratic debate was held on Tuesday. During this debate, the candidates were appealing to voters in South Carolina, and super Tuesday states, to vote for them. Candidates found it difficult to make their points and shouting matches happened throughout the debate.

CBS moderators lost control at several points during the debate and candidates spoke over each other and yelled. Despite that, there were some moments where candidates did get to speak their mind. Thanks to that, the election odds have shifted since the last Democratic debate.

The Shifting Odds

Although legal sports betting is happening, state-based sportsbooks cannot offer odds on elections. But online sportsbooks are taking action on the elections. The odds have shifted since the debate and there is a clear frontrunner of who will win South Carolina.

Odds to Win South Carolina Primary:

  • Joe Biden -1000
  • Bernie Sanders +500
  • Amy Klobuchar +5000
  • Elizabeth Warren +5000
  • Pete Buttigieg +5000
  • Tom Steyer +5000

Former Vice President Joe Biden has widened his lead in South Carolina since the Debate. Biden currently has -1000 odds of winning the South Carolina primaries.

Several polls have released since the end of the Democratic debates. The thing they all have in common is that Biden has widened his lead over national frontrunner, Senator Bernie Sanders.

Some polling data shows that Sen. Sanders is polling within three points under Biden. Other polls show that Biden has a double-digit lead over Sen. Sanders and the rest of the field.

Sen. Sanders did take some attacks from other candidates during the South Carolina debate. It seems those attacks worked well enough to where Biden is now comfortably in the lead in South Carolina.

The South Carolina primary could have drastic results on Super Tuesday. FiveThirtyEight has made three predictions on what could happen during Super Tuesday based on the South Carolina results.

The common factor is that Sen. Sanders will more than likely remain in the lead after Super Tuesday is done. The question is by how much will he be in the lead. If Biden does well in South Carolina, Sen. Sanders may not want to be too comfortable as the frontrunner.

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