BtoBet and LSports have partnered to create a tennis betting simulator that uses data from past matches.

  • Sports betting platform BtoBet has partnered with data provider LSports to bring a new tennis betting simulator to the public.
  • The simulation is produced with real-time odds and historical data to provide lifelike tennis for betting purposes.

LAS VEGAS – Sports gamblers looking for tennis betting odds will now have the opportunity to bet on the latest tennis simulation from BtoBet and LSports.

BtoBet is a sports betting platform on the cutting edge of wagering technology and virtual sports. BtoBet sought out sports betting data API provider LSports to bring their dynamic virtual tennis model into the betting realm.

During the lockdown, sports simulators have seen a huge increase in popularity in the world of sports gambling. Without real sports to watch, fans and bettors alike have been turning to virtual sports and simulations to satisfy their sports cravings.

Tennis Betting Simulator offers tennis betting odds similar to a real match, with real-time odds backed by a creative, intuitive visualization that tracks and shows features like ball movement, shot placement, and real-time statistics.

The model is based off over one million historical tennis matches in LSports’ database, that pulls data from real matchups logged into the system. Once the match is completed, viewers are able to see the player names, match tournament, date, and time of the historical match the data was based on.

“We’re very excited about our collaboration with BtoBet, they’ve positioned themselves as a World-leading iGaming and sportsbook platform provider in the industry. We believe that our product will offer their customers a new and engaging experience. At a time with not enough sports to bet on, BtoBet proves once again that they’re a market leader, finding innovative solutions to satisfy their customers,” said Shaul Lazar, co-founder and CEO of LSports.

BtoBet is also showing great optimism in this new product remaining a viable option for sports bettors even after major professional sports return to the fold.

“LSports’ Tennis Betting Simulator does not only provide an alternative content to live tennis matches, but more importantly enables operators to engage their players through a wide portfolio of highly visualized historical tennis matches. I’m confident that their innovative content product will be popular even once the sports calendar resumes,” said Alessandro Fried, CEO of BtoBet,

With the future of sports still in limbo, expect many more alternative options like Tennis Betting Simulator to start coming in and helping a starved legal sports betting industry.

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