Joe Biden is surprisingly favored over Senator Bernie Sanders in Washington.

  • The Washington Democratic Primary odds have Joe Biden as a -240 favorite to beat Bernie Sanders.
  • Bettors are currently pulling for Biden, but Sanders might be the smarter bet.

OLYMPIA, Wash. – The Washington Democratic primary is happening on Tuesday and online sportsbooks are favoring Joe Biden for the win.

After Super Tuesday, Joe Biden has plenty of momentum going for him. Although not all the delegates have been counted, Biden is in the lead. However, Sen. Bernie Sanders could have the best election odds to take the win in Washington.

What The Data Says

There are a good number of sites like FiveThirtyEight saying that Biden is going to win in Washington. Biden walked away Super Tuesday with a large number of unexpected wins and endorsements. That is helping him build momentum to win Washington, a state that would otherwise go to Sanders. Political betting sites are feeling the same way.

Washington Democratic Primary:

  • Joe Biden -240
  • Bernie Sanders +175

The betting line gives a slight edge to Biden. Washington is considered to be a highly liberal state, a field that Sanders does well in. Despite that, bettors are pulling for Biden to take Sanders by surprise.

However, there is good reason to believe that Sanders will surprise everyone and win Washington. Sanders won Washington in 2016 by a large margin. Some new polling data also is suggesting a Sanders win, albeit by a small margin.

And despite all that, legal sports betting sites are giving Sanders +175 odds to win. This could be a good opportunity for bettors to make a profit by betting on the supposed underdog.

Whether or not Sanders actually wins Washington remains to be seen. The senator from Vermont underperformed quite a bit on Super Tuesday. Supporters could be feeling unmotivated to vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders, giving Biden the edge.

Either way, it will all be made clear when the people of Washington vote on Tuesday. The final votes in Washington will be cast at 8 p.m. PST.

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