Team France Women's Judo

  • Romane Dicko is favored to win the Women’s Heavyweight Judo Olympic event with (+100) odds.
  • Madeleine Malonga has (+138) odds to win the gold medal in the Women’s Half Heavyweight Judo Olympic event.
  • Margaux Pinot has the second shortest odds at (+400) to win the Women’s Middleweight Judo Olympic event.

TOKYOJudo is one of the toughest sports at the Summer 2020 Olympics but it has also been growing in popularity. With the sport’s fanbase growing worldwide, sports bettors have been finding more and more odds to wager on which means more opportunities to potentially make some money while watching the sport they enjoy.

Getting into the Women’s Judo events at the Olympics, as the odds sit right now, regulated sports betting platforms have France favored to win two gold medals in two events and have also given them the second shortest odds in another competition.

The Women’s Olympic Judo Wagers

Women’s Heavyweight +78kg Odds To Win

  • Romane Dicko (FRA) +100
  • Akira Sone (JPN) +125
  • Idalys Ortiz (CUB) +1400
  • Kayra Sayit (TUR) +2000
  • Iryna Kindzerska (AZE) +2800
  • Xu Shiyan (CHN) +2800

Women’s Half-Heavyweight 78kg Odds To Win

  • Madeleine Malonga (FRA) +138
  • Shori Hamada (JPN) +150
  • Anna Maria Wagner (GER) +600
  • Mayra Aguiar (BRA) +1400
  • Guusje Steenhuis (NED) +1600
  • Loriana Kuka (KOS) +2500

Women’s Middleweight 70kg Odds To Win

  • Chizuru Arai (JPN) +138
  • Margaux Pinot (FRA) +400
  • Sanne Van Dijke (NED) +400
  • Madina Taimazova (RUS) +600
  • Barbara Matic (CRO) +1400
  • Maria Portela (BRA) +1800

Taking a look at both the Women’s Heavyweight and Half-Heavyweight Judo events, these wagers are the ones in which France’s Olympic odds are currently favored. Romane Dicko’s odds are the best as she is favored for the heavyweight event, and rightfully so. In fact, bettors should be taking advantage of her odds as soon as possible before the events go live and begin to shift.

The History Of The Favorites

The strongest thing to note is her history in Judo that are behind the odds that have been laid out by sportsbooks. In all of the competitions that Dicko’s has medaled, they were all been gold. These competitions ranged from the Junior Championship Competitions all the way up to European Championships. She has obtained a gold medal in all of these competitions. Her most recent achievements in 2021 include gold medals at the IJF Grand Prix and World Masters.

As for the Half-Heavyweight odds, they are led by Madeleine Malonga. Malonga has one of the most impressive resumes in the judo community. She currently has 12 gold medals, 5 silver medals, and 11 bronze medals to her name, earned throughout her career in the sport. With that said, it is a no-brainer as to why gamblers should be taking her odds for Tokyo 2020.

Now looking at the women’s middleweight event, this is the only women’s judo event that does not have France listed as the favorites. Instead, Margaux Pinot, who is representing France, has the second shortest odds. Bettors should not be mistaken by this as she is no stranger to gold medals either having won two at the World Championship, eight at the IJF Grand Slam, and two at the IJF Grand Prix.

Being that all three women representing France for these judo events have short odds to win the gold medal, there is certainly a chance that they could sweep the events. Sports bettors who wager on them would walk away with a nice profit for investing in these athletes at the Olympic games after looking into them and their wagers more thoroughly on sportsbooks.

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