With no sportsbooks in Cali find out where can you bet on Super Bowl LIV.

  • California does not have state-sanctioned sports betting yet.
  • Nevada and Oregon both have sports betting but are far from San Francisco.
  • Online offshore sportsbooks might be the only option for those in San Francisco.

SAN FRANCISCO – People in San Francisco might have to travel a long way to bet on Super Bowl 54, just like how the city’s team had to travel a long way to play in the Big Game. States bordering northern California have sportsbooks that allow for betting on the San Francisco 49ers, but they may be too far for some.

No California Betting Yet

In the past two years, there are a good number of states that have legalized land-based sportsbooks around the country. States like Nevada and Oregon both have land-based sportsbooks as well as online sportsbooks. At this point though, California sports betting is not available.

California has not yet been through the complete process to legalize land-based sportsbooks. Although the debate for sports betting in California has started, sportsbooks will not open in time for Super Bowl 2020. That means those in San Francisco might want to consider traveling to bet on the Super Bowl LIV.

The Closest Sportsbooks To San Francisco

Stateline, Nevada is the closest location to San Francisco with a sportsbook. The small town has a few different sportsbooks in Harrah’s Lake Tahoe and Hardrock Lake Tahoe. The Harrah’s Lake Tahoe is ran and operated by Caesars. At this moment, it does not seem like there are any Super Bowl promotions available at this location.

The Hardrock Lake Tahoe sportsbook is operated by William Hill. Although the casino has some food promotions available, there are none advertised for the Super Bowl.

Those in San Francisco could go to Oregon as well. Statewide mobile sports betting is allowed in Oregon, but there are limitations. There is only one online sportsbook available and it is operated by the Oregon Lottery. That means the ability to shop lines easily is not readily available in Oregon.

Shopping lines is essential for sports bettors. It allows them to find the best deal on odds and make the most amount of money on bets as possible. The only way to do that in San Francisco is through online offshore sportsbooks. Although California does not have any land-based sportsbooks yet, the Super Bowl action is available online at these sites.

Convenience will drive plenty of people in San Francisco to online sportsbooks rather than out of state. But if people want to experience the action live, heading to Stateline might be their best bet. It all depends if they want to travel a little over three hours before Super Bowl 54 starts on February 2 on Sunday.

In either scenario, the state of California can expect to miss out on millions in potential tax revenue this weekend.

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