Rob Simmelkjaer

  • Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont nominated Rob Simmelkjaer to head the Connecticut Lottery Board.
  • Simmelkjaer is the CEO of Persona Media and former vice president of notable media groups (ESPN, NBC Sports).

HARTFORD, Conn. — The Governor of Connecticut Ned Lamont nominated former journalist Rob Simmelkjaer as the chairman of the states Lottery Corporation Board of Directors on Monday.

“Rob has years of experience working in a leadership capacity for two of the largest and most respected sports broadcasting companies in the world – both Connecticut-based companies – where he managed international business development and large corporate projects,” said Lamont. “He will bring to the Lottery board a sharp eye and keen management style that will provide the agency with a greatly-needed refresh.”

Simmelkjaer 48, is nominated to fill a role that has been left vacant since November 2018 when Donald DeFronzo stepped down from the position.

Simmelkjaer previously worked as a journalist for ESPN, ABC News, and NBC Sports aside from starting his own media platform called Persona.

“It is an honor to be nominated to this important role by Governor Lamont,” said Simmelkjaer. “Responsible gaming can play an important role in the fiscal recovery of our state from the current crisis. I look forward to working with Connecticut Lottery CEO Greg Smith and other key stakeholders to ensure that we grow the state’s gaming revenue, while ensuring the highest standards of compliance and oversight.”

The Connecticut Lottery Corporation Board of Directors is comprised of 13 members and as the legalization of sports betting in Connecticut is an ongoing process, Simmelkjaer will be a valued asset. With the help of Simmelkjaer, legal sports betting could be coming to Connecticut in the near future.

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