“Cousin Sal” Iacono

  • “Cousin Sal” has finally decided to go his own way and open up a company called “Extra Points” that will feature his three favorite subjects: sports news, sports wagering, and comedy.
  • The company will have three different podcasts, for the time being, one from each category covering news, sports bets, and comedic relief.

LOS ANGELES – Sal Iacono better known as “Cousin Sal” to people all over the world has rolled out his very own media company, “Extra Points.” The company will offer fans the three most important factors in sports- sports news, information on wagering on the games, and a lot of jokes in between, some at a losing team’s expense.

This is the trinity for success for any sports-related business and Cousin Sal knows it. Iacono has made a name for himself in the sports betting world often appearing as a guest on various programs to discuss gambling on matchups. With all of that expertise and his own knowledge, “Extra Points” was born, allowing Sal to go into business for himself.

Extra Points

“Extra Points” was able to become a reality with the help of Mush Media. Its first podcast debuted on Monday with a show called none other than “Extra Points” with Iacono serving as the host along with Dave Dameshek of the NFL Network.

“Extra Points” will have shows every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The company will also be bringing “Against All Odds” with them from The Ringer where “Cousin Sal” chewed the fat on sports issues prior to launching his own company.

“Against All Odds” is a popular show featuring “The Degenerate Trifecta,” which is comprised of Sal and two of his childhood buddies. It was always a hit with The Ringer. A new podcast called “Laugh Lines” will be available every Wednesday with a different set of comedians each week. “Laugh Lines” will make its entrance on the scene this coming Wednesday for the company.

“As a betting man, I think it’s a wise move to start up a sports media empire during a global pandemic,” said Iacono. “What could possibly go wrong?”

Who Is Cousin Sal?

“Cousin Sal” is somebody’s real-life cousin and it just so happens that someone is the famous TV personality, Jimmy Kimmel. Working with Kimmel is where Iacono got his start and presumably his stage name.

After becoming a writer and comedian personality with Jimmy Kimmel Live! he broke out into sports.

For over ten years he has been featured on multiple shows and podcasts including the Fox NFL Thursday Night Football pregame and Bill Simmons’ “Guess The Lines” portion of the podcast. However, of all the things he does, legal sports betting is Iacono’s niche.

His biggest gig was as the host for Fox Bet Live. His new media company is not the only thing that Iacono is working on. He is also writing a book that will be out in early 2021 about sports betting and gambling that is entitled “You Can’t Lose Them All.”

Along with his cousin Kimmel, they are developing a documentary on the New York Mets 1986 season as well.

Good Timing

The timing for the launch of a sports-centric company couldn’t be better. After COVID-19, major sports are finally opening up again so fans will be trying to take in as much of it as they can since missing out on so many months of action.

And with the spectator-less games, more of them will be inclined to wager on the matches with sportsbooks as a way to stay engaged.

Gamblers that have been unable to wager on real sports will also be betting a pretty penny, not just newcomers. This makes all that the “Extra Points” business has to offer very relevant to today’s world and quite possibly a very lucrative venture for Cousin Sal.

Couple that with some comedy that everyone could use during this time and there is no doubt that “Extra Points” is going to be a grand slam.

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