The DC Lottery has launched their sportsbook GambetDC.

  • The DC Lottery launched its online sportsbook GambetDC on Thursday.
  • This is the first legal sports betting site in the District to open.
  • Mobile applications for GambetDC will not be ready for download until June.

WASHINGTON – Sports bettors in Washington, D.C. now have an official sportsbook to place bets as the lottery launched and went live on Thursday.

With their GambetDC platform, sports betting enthusiasts in the area can create an account and begin wagering on any of the listed events whenever they want.

The only problem that fans have seen has had to do with the odds posted for the limited matches available. The numbers are all over the place when compared to other sports betting operators.


GambetDC Sportsbook offers a number of bets for all sporting events currently happening in the world, which are fewer than normal due to the Coronavirus pandemic having shut down most sports.

But they have all kinds of bet types including live in-game wagers for fans to participate in. Live betting is one of the most popular types of bets placed because it happens right in front of the bettor’s eyes, making it more exciting.

But the odds provided by INTRALOT left a lot to be desired.

Favored teams and competitors on bets had pretty steep odds making them less attractive to those wanting to bet on the favorite. People would need to put down a lot more money to see a smaller payout than when compared to other sportsbooks.

This is not the first time, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak that INTRALOT and their calculations have been questioned because they quite literally put the ODD in odds.

Since launching the site early Thursday morning, the people and their confused looks were heard by the platform.

The bets are still a bit higher than other operators but not so far off that it looks crazy like before. For example, GambetDC has the UFC Fight Night Las Vegas with Tyron Woodley favored to win (-200) while Bovada Sportsbook has him at (-190) and his opponent Gilbert Burns is at (+155) with both sports betting sites.

The Washington D.C. Sports Betting Market

The DC Lottery has been working diligently to open up their sportsbook since the pastime became legal in December 2018.

Finally, more than a year and a half later, their creation has come together with help from their sportsbook operator of choice, INTRALOT.

The DC Lottery is the regulator in the District for the industry while INTRALOT serves as the operator for GambetDC. This platform can be used by anyone 18 or older in the D.C. area as it cannot be accessed elsewhere due to geofencing applications.

This allows the lottery to ensure that all of their legal sports betting activities are being done within the District.

Apps for GambetDC are not expected until June which means that users can only access their accounts via the website.

Geofencing rules will still apply.

When other sportsbooks in D.C. begin to open, they will be much trickier to use. Each sportsbook will be given a certain radius that members must be within in order to place their bets. With GambetDC, users can be anywhere in D.C. which is what sets them apart from the rest in making them more appealing.

D.C. Bettors, Place Your Bets

With the soft rollout of the first legal sports betting platform in Washington, D.C. sports fans can now start gambling with a local sportsbook.

This will become even more fun when the site begins offering a wide variety of sporting events as professional sports slowly trickles their way back to televisions and stadiums everywhere.

D.C is expected to see an estimated $27 million in revenue for 2021 from the sports betting industry.

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