Demi Lovato preforming live.

  • The National Anthem line originally opened at 1:59.
  • After early betting action, it moved up to 2:03.
  • After Lovato’s first rehearsal, the line dropped to 1:56.

MIAMIDemi Lovato caused nightmares for individuals who bet the over on Sunday’s National Anthem. The line plunged 9 seconds following Lovato’s first rehearsal.

Originally set at 1:59 at many online sportsbooks, the national anthem projected length quickly bounced up five seconds after early Super Bowl bettors. Despite the line originally moving north, Lovato’s previous National Anthem performances – with the exception of one – have all been under the two-minute mark.

When she did break the two-minute mark she went over by 11 seconds. Still, 2:03 is where the line jumped to after many believed that Lovato was going to surpass the over.

For those bettors smart enough to shop lines on the Super Bowl, online sportsbooks are offering an entirely new selection of odds.

At BetOnline, the over-under of 1:56 is met with a heavy price on the over (-150). Meanwhile, bettors at Bovada can find the national anthem length for Super Bowl LIV a second lower. Posted at -150, bettors are given a one-second advantage with the same odds.

Whether shopping lines for the Super Bowl on the national anthem or any other game line, prop bet, or futures bet, always be sure to check a variety of locations before locking in action. This is only one of the minimal examples of how having multiple online sports betting accounts can benefit bettors over the long run.

With the line hitting a new floor, it will be an interesting reaction from bettors at the stadium and on social media, if the performance falls within a length of 1:55 – 2:03.

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