Sportsradar is asking for 1.5% of net profits from sportsbooks to offer live in game data.

  • The NFL and Sportradar agreed to expand their partnership on August 12, 2019. The expansion included the distribution of NFL data to sportsbooks.
  • The NFL does not have a partnership with a US sports betting supplier such as FanDuel or DraftKings.
  • US sportsbooks tend to only hold 5-10 percent of sports betting wagers. The industry is known to be volatile.

Tallahassee, Fla. – With the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers set to kick-off this Thursday, many around the country will be looking to bet on NFL games. Those located in states with legal sports betting may want to make in-game wagers, and Sportradar is looking to cash-in on just that.

According to a tweet sent out by ESPN’s David Purdum, “sports betting data distributor Sportradar is asking book makers for a 1.5% cut of net profits from in-game bets on the NFL in exchange for access to the league’s official data feed.”

The report comes only three weeks after the NFL agreed to expand it’s current partnership with Sportradar to include the distribution of play-by-play data and Next Gen Stats (NGS) to US sportsbooks.

While it may seem as though the NFL is trying to find a way to profit from legal sports wagering, representatives of the league have recently shown reluctance to the category. This comes despite having made partnerships with Caesars Entertainment and Sportradar.

“We haven’t opened up the category,” said Christopher Haplin, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer of the NFL in an interview with Reuters just one week ago. Haplin told Reuters that the NFL does not want to “alienate a lot of fans needlessly” by rushing into sports betting.

Whether or not Sportradar’s demand for sports wagering profits comes from the NFL is unclear. What is clear is the significance of the ask. Sportsbooks in the US tend to only hold about 5-10% of the money wagered on sports.

Live betting has increased in popularity since the expansion of legalized sports betting. To add to this, betting on the NFL is the most heavily wagered upon sports in the country. When you add all of these factors together it’s easy to see just how large a 1.5% demand can be.

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