Donald Trump

  • Donald Trump has +200 short odds to be the Republican Nominee at the 2024 Presidential Elections.
  • Donald Trump has the shortest odds at +120 to run for President in 2024 compared to other celebrities.
  • Donald Trump is dealing with various legal issues.

WASHINGTON – Political betting fans have once again flocked to sports betting sites to place action on former President Donald Trump.

Despite dealing with legal issues, President Trump has been teasing potentially running for President again in the 2024 Presidential Election.

There are already betting odds for the Presidential Election as it pertains to if he will run and who will be the Republican nominee.

Betting On Donald Trump

The former President has been battling in court for both criminal and civil litigations. He is being prosecuted for crimes that took place before, during, and following his Presidential run.

Even so, Trump’s stronghold on the Republican Party is very much apparent, with his detractors within the party being exiled by Trump supporters.

With Trump’s hints at running for President again, betting fans are going all in on the former President this upcoming election.

To Run for US President 2024 Odds

  • Donald Trump Snr +120
  • Tucker Carlsson +250
  • Donald Trump Jr. +400
  • Ivanka Trump +400
  • Lara Trump +600
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson +1000
  • Kimberley Guilfoyle +1400
  • Jeff Bezos +2000
  • Michael Moore +2500

Despite many accusations against Trump, he has not been charged with any crimes and Donald Trump has publicly denied all wrongdoing he has been accused of.

Meanwhile, Trump has publicly criticized the state of the country since his departure from the White House. He has complained about President Joe Biden and has seen Republican Senators, news media, and citizens support him every step of the way.

With the massive support that Trump still has, it is no surprise that betting fans are not only placing action on him running again but also on him winning the Republican nomination in 2024.

Republican Nominee for the 2024 Election

  • Donald Trump Sr. +200
  • Ron DeSantis +450
  • Nikki Haley +700
  • Mike Pompeo +1200
  • Kristi Noem +1400
  • Mike Pence +1400
  • Ted Cruz +1600
  • Ivanka Trump +2000
  • Josh Hawley +2000
  • Liz Cheney +2200
  • Tucker Carlsson +2200

Donald Trump continues to hold a massive impact on the Republican Party, despite all the legal issues surrounding him. Betting fans are showing that they understand how strong his hold is on his continuance and are betting heavily on Trump.

“The majority of the evidence that we have on hand says that people who like Trump don’t care what he does – it just doesn’t matter if he breaks the law,” said Francisco I Pedraza, a political scientist at University of California Riverside. For those voters, “he can do no wrong”.

The reality is, however, that President Trumps’ legal issues won’t simply go away because he is popular, and for him to truly run for President again he would need to settle these disputes.

Because of this, sportsbooks are hosting betting lines for who Donald Trumps’ “fall guy” would be. Essentially, the person to take the blame for the former President’s issues.

Allen Weisselberg, the CFO of the Trump Organization is the current favorite to take the hot seat for President Donald Trump.

Trump Organization Fall Guy

  • Allen Weisselberg +200
  • Matthew Calamari +250
  • Donald Trump Jr +300
  • Eric Trump +400
  • Jared Kushner +500

Weisselberg has already had to testify in court over the major tax investigation being done in New York. Since he is the CFO and in charge of all financials, it is understandable why the brunt of the investigation would lead back to him.

Sports betting fans see this as well, and believe that Weisselberg will be the one to take the blame, essentially freeing Trump up for a smooth Presidential campaign.

The many trials are still ongoing, so it is unclear right now if Trump will even need a fall guy. But regardless, legal sports betting sites are hosting betting lines surrounding all of Trump’s many legal issues as well as his future political ventures.

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